ELITE, Apparatus Finals   


ROSU Monica  ROM  9,499
ZAMOLODCHIKOVA Elena  RUS      9,381
PAVLOVA Anna  RUS  9,381
4 SHERBATYKH Olga   UKR 9,200
5 SOFRONIE Daniela  ROM      9,139
6 HOBBS Vanessa   GBR  9,162
7 VANWALLEGHEM Aagje  BEL     9,137
8 MUSIK Yvonne  GER      9,087

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Monica Rosu

  - Monica Rosu vaulted a very nice double twisting Yurchenko and took a hop back on her double twisting layout Tsukahara. Clearly the best combined vaults of the day.
- Pavlova's double twisting Yurchenko was solid and her RO-12 - front layout off 1/2 twist was execllent. - Yelena Zamolodchikova also had a very good first vault (double twisting Yurchenko) but had a big leg separartion on her secon vault of double twisting layout Tsukahara and also landed it extremely low. Surprisingly she tied Anna Pavlova for second place.
- Olga Shcherbatikh landed low on her double twisting Yurchenko and vaulted a piked Luconi second.

Svetlana Khorkina

KHORKINA Svetlana  RUS  9.662
TWEDDLE Elizabeth  GBR  9.587
KRASNYNSKA Irina  UKR  9.562
4 YAROTSKA Irina  UKR  9.525
5 GENER Tania  ESP  9.362
6 SOFRONIE Daniela  ROM  9.475
7 MORO, Sara  ESP  9.312
8 CHAOUCH Soraya  FRA  8,525

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- Svetlana Khorkina clocked up yet another title on her speciality event with a stuck full-out dismount. Unlike in the all-around, she had a 10 start value (Ricna to Pak to immediate stalder full free hip Khorkina transistion).
- A bronze medalist at the 2002 Europeans, Beth Tweddle upgraded to silver with precise work and an excellent swing. She still remains one of the few gymnasts to work out of her toe on shoot to high bar well. Considering the two form errors in her routine and the step on her double front dismount, 
- Irina Krasnanskaya's third place was a bit surprising, especially compared to the pure style of Gener. Daniela Sofronie had a break on her pirouette on the low bar and only received a 9,9 start value. 

PONOR Catalina  ROM  9,725
EREMIA A.  ROM  9,575
KHORKINA Svetlana  RUS  9,325


KRASNYNSKA Irina  UKR  9,200
5 KOZICH Alina  UKR  8,875
6 SEKEROVA Zuzana  SVK 8,850
8 HARMES Suzanne  NED  8,050

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Catalina Ponor (ROM)

Beam was once again a test of nerves for all gymnasts.
-  Irina Krasnanskaya had a few wobbles, most obvious on front tuck but still managed a 9,200 (9,8 SV).
- Team mate Alina Kozich came off on her Onodi. Svetlana Khorkina wobbled after her combination of switch leap-tuck jump full but was solid on everything else. Starting with an original mount of straddled planche, 
- Alexandra Eremia continued with a ff-whip and a ff-ff-triple twist dismount. Last up, 
- Catalina Ponor pulled the only 10 start value of the final out of her sleeve and wowed the crowd with a rock solid and elegant routine (Onodi-ff-one armed ff-layout) for a well deserved title. 



Catalina PONOR - tree gold medals!
... most successful

PONOR Catalina  ROM  9,637
GOMEZ Elena  ESP  9,575
GARGANO Maria Teresa  ITA  9,350
4 HARMES Suzanne  NED  9,325
5 YAROTSKA Irina  UKR  9,262
6 DEBAUVE Marine  FRA  9,162
7 KHORKINA Svetlana  RUS  9,112
8 KVASHA Alona  UKR  8,500

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- Catalina Ponor took another gold with another strong floor routine that used the music well and got a good crowd response. The crowd also received Elena Gomez now very familiar Rock n Roll routine well and was impressed by her signature combination of quadruple spin to Popa. She skidded back a bit on her opening full in which might have made the difference. The top two were the only ones with 10 start values.
- Maria Teresa Gargano brought home the bronze to Italy with very solid landings on her tucked full-in, whip through to 2 1/2 punch front and triple twist. Loudly supported by the home crowd,
- Suzanne Harmes missed out on a medal by .025, she performed well to dramatic music, opening with a powerful triple twist. Defending champion Alyona Kvasha only managed a 9,3 start value.