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03-May-2004 Balance: A perfectly organized European Championship

Frans Koffrie
President of KNGU

The general opinion of athletes, trainers journalists and guests:
This was a european championship that was perfectly organised by the dutch organisers!
A big and attractive setting in the Amsterdam Rai congresshall, perfect conditions in the competition hall as well as in the 3 training halls and perfect conditions for journalists and the press, everything was taken care of and the friendly volunteer crew left hardly any wish unfulfilled.
<< Frans KOFFRIE, the  President of the  "Royal Dutch Gymnastic federation" (KNGU) was obviously pleased to hear our praise.
"Our federation is also very happy with the overall organisation and the atmosfere, the general calm and professional attitude can be felt everywhere. We were specially happy with the enthiousiasm of the audience, which not only supported the local favourites but showed their appreciation for every good achievement indifferent from which country the gymnast was.“     >> ... full story

02-May-2004 TODAY:  Ponor and Romania - most successful!

After winning the European title at balance beam and floor exercise the Romanian Catalina Ponor is the most successful gymnast of the 25th European Championship in Amsterdam and Romania also the top gym nation.

Also Monica Rosu won a gold medal on vault today.
Svetlana Khorkina won the title on uneven bars again and is with all together 18 European titles from 1994 on the absolutly best gymnast in history of this event.

Svetlana Khorkina...
... the most successful gymnast in the
 history of European Championships...

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JUNIOR Finals: 
First Gold medal ever for Britsh Gymnastics

Winning two gold medals by the all-around champion Steliana Nistor, and on floor by Aliana Stanculescu Romania started very successful in the final day of these 25th European Champions of junior artistic gymnastics.
But the little sensation was the first gold medal of a British gymnast, won by Rhian Pugh on bars.
Svetlana Klyukina from Russia won the vault decision, in front of 

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01-May-2004 Alina Kozich from Ukraine is the 50th Europen Champion...

The Ukrainian Alina Kozich is the 50th woman in the 49th years old history of European Championships, who won a individual title. 

Alina Kozich

Today she won the all-around title in Amsterdam with a score of 36,736. She is the 50th Europen Champion from 1955 on in history.

Silver went to the Romanian Natalie Safronie (37,262) 
and the two times Olympic Champion (Sydney) Elena Zamolodchikova (RUS) got bronze (37,143).

Titleholder Svetlana Khorkina - the only one gymnast, who won 3 all-around titles in history - lost their chances to get gold medal number 4,
 after a crash in the firts rotation on vault - rank 14!
She fighted, but at the end it was the fourth place, only!

>> All-around, ELITE    >> All-around Report 

First All-around Juniors decision today:
After winning silver with the team now Romania's junior Steliana Nistor won the first gold medal in the all-around decision of the European Junior Championships in Amsterdam, with a score of 37,587 points.
The silver medal wents to the Italian Vanessa Ferrari. She scored 36,525 points, and bronze was won by Yulia Lozechko from Russia for a score of 36,448.   >> All-around Juniors Report   >> Juniors Results

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- Janssen-Fritsen unterstützt Bildung eines neuen Kommunikationssystem -

German Poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"There is no bigger Power than an idea, which time has come!"
German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
This words of the German poet Goethe were pronounced at a ceremonial meeting, organized by Janssen-Fritsen and GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL at the day of the accidence of the 10 new members of the European the edge of the Euro Champs in Amsterdam      >> read more

>> Foundation of virtual GYMfamily
GYMfamily in Amsterdam gegründet!

30-Apr-2004 Team Decision: Gold for Romania again after six Years

The women's team of Romania was the sovereign best also after the last subdivision of the day: 

Started in the early first group the score of 112,772 points was absolutly top also after the last group:

In a dramatically fight lost the former titleholder Russia with a lot of mistakes also the silver medal to Ukraine (111, 247) and won Bronze with a score of 110,423, followed by Spain, Great Britain, Italy, France and host Netherlands...

                         >> Team Results   >> Seniors Report

Golden Romanian Team

 29-Apr-2004   Junior's Team Competition

Russias Golden Team

The Team of Russia won the first title of the 25th European Championships in Amsterdam in Juniors team competion with a total score of 107,556 points.
The silver medal went in the last minute to the Romanian team (106,384) and the Bronze medal was won by the junior team of Italy (105,972), followed by Great Britain, France and host Netherlands... 

>> Detailed Results      >> Report Team decision
>> Individual AA Qualification

Subdivision 2:  BEL-SLO-POR-SUI-AUT-Mix (ALB, SVK, CYP)
(> German Report)

28-Apr-2004 Elite Podium Training ... and at the evening: Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony
With a minimum of speeches and a maximum of amusement the Dutch host celebrated a phantastic opening show in the theatre hall of the RAI Congress Center of Amsterdam on Wednesday evening:

Corpus Acrobatic Theatre shows visual acrobatics at a very high level.

Hans Klok, the world famous illussionist - the "David Copperfield of Amsterdam" - amazes the teenaged audiance with a big show and ended with a surprise: Renske Endel came out of a box and celebrated a nice show program on the stage.

A sport acrobatics group from Zwolle presented its program "The Journey" and than comes "Do", a Dutch singer and super star, who is famous all over the world with her title "Heaven", for instance -  all together a manyfoldly program which was the right for the young gymnasts and guests from the 37 participaiting nations.
After two wounderfull hours UEG-President Dimitrios Dimitropoulos from Greece declered the European Champs for open!

>> ... more Impressions

In the first subdivision of the day
... Romania was impressive and looks set to grab another team title. With no major errors and a high level of difficulty, nobody could match them today. Catalina Ponor sat out bars, Monica Rosu beam and Silvia Stroescu floor with Alexandra Eremia and Daniela Sofronie doing all four pieces of apparatus.

Spain’s Elena Gomez didn’t look as sharp as in recent memory, with small errors here and there – short on her triple twist, wobbles on beam. According to the announcer, Patricia Moreno has submitted a quadruple twist for evaluation but only competed a 3 ½ here. Since they had not had full teams at the 2002 European championships, both these medal contenders were relegated to the first group by the (bad) luck of the draw. The then had to sit and see what the others could do in the last session of the day. The top eight teams from 2002 are automatically in the last group.

Russia looked inconsistent and struggled here and there. Svetlana Khorkina did all four pieces of apparatus and debuted new music on floor but largely kept her choreography from last year. Leysera Gabdrakhmanova, highly touted as a vaulter and tumbler, failed to impress across the board. Her double twisting Yurchenkos were scrappy and she put her hands down on her double layout. Polina Miller has mistakes on her one event, bars.

Ukraine’s best showing
was ironically vault, normally their weakest event. Bars and floor were a struggle for most with Irina Yarotskaya comitting a lot of errors. She took a scary fall on her bars mount of straddle over, totally missing the high bar and crashing into the mat. Alina Kozich looks set to contend in the all-around with smooth bars and a nice floor routine.

... next to the podium: Svetlana Khorkina

Great Britain put on an impressive showing – nothing too spectacular (with the exception of Tweddle on bars) but a totally confident team performance. Vanessa Hobbs debuted a 1 ½ twisting Yurchenko that looked easy.
France is battling numerous injuries, but looked very strong on bars where Emilie Le Pennec earned applause for her hop full to Delchev and double double dismount.

Recently injured Suzanne Harmes did everything but bars for the host team and the Dutch left a good impression despite the string of injuries they have had to face in the past.  Also coming off an Anaheim disappointment, Italy also seems on the way back with some solid gymnastics on display here. 

 27-Apr-2004 Podium training Juniors
  GYMmedia correspondent Nora Schuler observed the podium rotations:
Russia, Italy and Romania looked strong in today's junior podium training session at the RAI Centre. Russia struggled on floor, where Nadezhda Ivanova fell on two tumbling runs, but was impressive on vault and bars. Italy showed superbe lines and difficulty on bars and is definitely a medal contender. They were cheered on loudly by their senior gymnasts wtaching from the stands.
The Romanians once again failed to impress on bars, but had some strong tumbling up their sleeves on floor.
has brought Tatiana Kazansteva in addition to the five girls on the roster with Daria Elizarova sitting out podium training.
According the Russian camp, Natalia Ziganshina is expected to be back in time for the Olympics. Alexandra Shevchenko has a foot injury.
Ukraine also tumbled up a storm on floor but was very scrappy on vault. Ukraine has entered Anna Povolya for Dina Bezrukova.

The day before the opening ceremony was the day of juniors:

The official supplier janssen&fritsen built the same top equipment, which passed its had probation at the Pre-Olympics last month in the Olympic Hall of Athens. So the today's official podium rotations could be held under world class conditions again, also as a special test for the Olympic Games in August.

One of the favoutites in the junior category may be the Russian young star Yulia Lozhechko (photo, right).

Yulia Lozhechko (RUS)

 26-Apr-2004   PREVIEW: Countdown in Amsterdam is running

Almost all participants of the 25th European Championships in women’s artistic gymnastics have meanwhile arrived in Amsterdam.
One day before the podium training of the juniors (Tuesday) and the following one of the seniors (Wednesday) the training in the venue has already started.
Like at the Pre-Olympics in the Olympic Hall in Athens one month ago the “official supplier” of as well the Olympic Games this year and also this European Championships, the Dutch company Janssen&Fritsen, has again produced the best conditions in the venue with their modern apparatus.

>> First reports will follow on Tuesday evening after the podium training of the juniors.

 25-Apr-2004  Russia with Chorkina - without Ziganshina

Title holder Russia will start without Natalia Ziganshina who is still recovering after knee surgery. The Russian team now competes with a team which is a strong mixture of experienced and young and dynamic gymnasts! The team includes Svetlana Chorkina, Yelena Zamolodchikova, Anna Pavlova, Polina Miller and Leisera Gabdrahmanova.

The hosts Netherlands – surprising Vice- European champion in Patras 2002 – will start without Verona van de Leur. At short notice also Suzanne Harmes has injured herself (overstretched elbow), it is not decided yet if she will be able to compete. At the moment only Loes Linders comes into question for the all-around.
The bronze medallist of 2002 Italy competes with the experienced Monica Bergamelli, Christina Cavalli, Ilaria Colombo, Maria Teresa Gargano and Daria Sarkosh.
Also Romania and Spain have ambitions for a medal. Both of them had not started with a team in Patras two years ago. This means they now have to cope with starting in the first group of the competition:
Romania competes without the two WCh’s gymnasts Ban and Munteanu. The team probably starts with Catalina Ponor, Monica Rosu, Alexandra Eremia, Daniele Safronie and Silvia Stroescu.

Spain certainly has chances for a medal, with their former World Champion Elena Gomez, Sara Moro, Tania Gener, Patricia Moreno and Laura Campos.

France suffers from injuries. Emilie Le Pennec is supposed to compete only on uneven bars and Coralie Chacon only on vault. Gaelle Richard is not included in the team anymore. The experienced Nelly Ramassamy will compete for her instead of the originally planned Maud Collas.