(4) "The Show must go on...!"  Thursday, 2003, November 27


43rd BLUME Gran Canaria Festival 2003


At the same day was held shows in:

- Colegio Claret

- Synchronizing Swimming show)

- Maspalomas Night (3)

- "Beverly Park Show"

Walter Walkerdine is the longtime chief of the Dako Flying Angels and they visted the BLUME Gran Canaria to the 7th time already!

Flying Show of the Dako Flying Angels from Nottingham (GBR)
  (5) "The "Beverly Park-Show" in the Millenium Bar of the Hotel "Beverly Park"  Thursday, 2003, November 27

Specially the groups and clubs from Great Britain and from Germany performed in the "Millenium Bar of the "Blume Head Quarter in Maspalomas, the * * * Hotel Beverly Park" a great evening for all hotel guests with many ideas and great power,
groups like Riverside Display Team, Dako Flying Angels, Camberwell Gymnastics Club (London), but also the German gymnasts from "RSG Saar (Saarbruecken) and more...!

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