04. Juni 1999, Hannover Congress Center 

Qualifikation Individual Men

Aus Hannover berichten Sonja Schmeißer und Gritt Ockert

* Competition rules of 1999 Aerobic Worlds

1. Evaluation
Evaluated will be: artistic style, performance, difficulty. The following restrictions apply to the contents of exercises: a maximum of ten difficult elements of which the best eight count. The exercise must be performed from beginning to end with music.

2. Qualifications
Individual men and mixed pairs (Friday) and individual women and trios (Saturday) will be competing alternately. Competitors are divided into two groups (before and after the break). The categories individual men or individual women start. The maximum number in the qualification delegation is two per category and national association. The participation of incumbent world champions in qualification is mandatory. They are entitled to participate directly in the finals, but their non-participation does not entitle their country to put up two gymnasts. The best seven participants in each category plus the corresponding world champions qualify for the final. In case of a tie, qualification is regulated by the following criteria:

- Highest score in artistic style
- Highest score in performance
- Highest score in difficulty

3. Finals
A maximum of eight participants take part in the finals. In addition, the host country may put up one participant in each category who did not place among the first eight qualifying. Only one participant may start for each association (this also applies to the world champion’s association). The starting lineup is determined by the results of qualification: The host country starts first (if not qualified) and the reigning world champion last, if he doesn´t reach a worse result in the qualification. The rest start according to the qualification results in reverse order.

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