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WOMEN's Artistic Gymnastics
Paris-Bercy, 2000, May 12-14

pulsar_rot_blau.gif (1701 Byte) Retrospect:    St.Petersburg  WOMEN 1998   /  Juniors, Women 1998       

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1.Russia 115.760, 2.Ukraine 115.302, 3.Romania 114.703, 4.Spain 112.808, Italy 111.665, 6.France 111.097
Even though the competition is for team, here are some statistics for the meet. Karpenko had the highest all-around score with a 38.867, followed closely by Khorkina with a 38.818. Raducan finished 3rd with a 38.624.
High scores of the day on vault was a 9.662 by Zamalodchikova, bars was a 9.85 by Khorkina, beam high score was 9.85 by Raducan, floor high score was 9.825 by Produnova.
Zamalodchikova started beam for the Russians wobble free with 2 variations of a full and a full twisting dismount (9.662). Produnova had a big jump on her landing with questionable connection on her gym/acro with a 9.9 start value (9.2). Khorkina was flawless on beam (9.712).

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1.Russia 115.760;   2.Ukraine 115.302; 
3. Romania 114.703,

Natalia Horodniy started bars for Ukrainian with an extraordinarily high pike Jaeger and clean through the rest of the routine (9.575). Roschoupkina had a clean bar routine (9.637). Karpenko had a great set of bars (9.812).
Boboc was first on beam and fell on her punch front mount but recovered nicely (9.2). Amanar had a small wobble near the beginning and a big step on her flip-flop, flip-flop double tuck dismount (9.65). Raducan had a great beam routine to finish up with the Romanian team competition (9.85)    .... back to REPORT, Team competition

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Gabriela Onodi / HUN


Senior Team Standing after 3rd rotation: 1.Russia 87.123, 2.Ukraine 86.278, 3.Romania 86.003.

Italy is in a distant 4th with 84.460 and Spain is right behind them with 84.359. Ukrainian Roschupkina round off half on-half off onto the horse seemed incomplete in the twist and the score reflects that (9.25). Alona Kvasha did a handspring layout vault (9.425). Karpenko did layout front with a half, stepped forward on the first vault and stepped back on the second
vault (9.562). Russian Zamalodchikova had a great set of bars (9,65). Produnova had a very clean bar routine, stuck her tuck full-out dismount (9.762). Khorkina did not let down her fans with a fabulous bar routine (9.85). First up for the Romanians on bars was Amanar, she muscled a blind full, then did a blind 1 1/2, then she had an unfortunate extra swing (9.162). Raducan's routine was not as sharp as expected but still got a good score (9.6). Isarescu finished strong on bars (9.725). Ludivine Furnon had the home crowd cheering with her floor routine (9.787).   .... back to REPORT, Team competition
Senior Team Standing after 2nd rotation: 1.Ukraine 58.136, 2.Russia 57.861, 3.Romania 57.504
Khorkina started vault for the Russians with 2 absolutely beautiful Yurchenko's 1 1/2 (9.487). Produnova performed same vault as Khorkina but had a big leg split on the pre-flight and a sizable hop on the landing (9.537). Zamalodchikova piked down on her first vault but a beautiful 2nd vault (9.662). Ukrainian Raschoupkina is maturing to become more like Lilia Podkopayeva every time we see her, her floor was beautiful (9.687). Karpenko probably has the most complicated floor passes in the meet
(9.8). Isarescu was the first Rumanian up on vault, she performed a Phelps which has a low start value (9.262). Raducan was short on her first vault (9.4). Amanar had two good vaults but did not perform either of the new vaults (9.65).

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Schweigert & Chorkina

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Produnova / RUS


Team Standing after first rotation: 1.Romania 29.211, 2.Russia 29.200, 3.Ukraine 29.062

Ukrainian Yarosh Tatiana had a couple of questionable passes on beam (9.65). Raschoupkina had a beautiful beam routine with one big step on her dismount (9.675). Karpenko closed the Ukrainian team with a 9.7373.
Russian Khorkina had a strong high triple full mount on floor, she is looking beautiful and strong (9.725). Produnova had no perceivable deductions on floor (9.825). Romanian Boboc, who is replacing Olaru, performed a typical Romanian floor routine, very difficult tumbling and clean, maturity of the dance needs work (9.662). Amanar's new floor routine had the audience clapping along (9.762). Raducan also hit her floor (9.787) Belarus had several falls on beam which will probably cause a place on the podium (first rotation score 26.749). France also had one fall on bars (28.112)

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