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New Competition Cycle for Trampoline


LAUSANNE (SUI) FIG Office, September 17, 2008: In May of 2007, following recommendations issued by the Trampoline Technical Committee, the FIG Council, convened in Orlando (USA), ruled to eliminate the World Cup Final in favour of an annual world championship, barring Olympic years and starting at the close of the present cycle.


Togliatti 2008 will be the final edition of an event that premiered as early as 1993 in Frankfurt (GER).

This may be the end of an era, and the grand finale for a handful of veterans who have been consistently present at large-scale events.

A look at the ranks.

Men’s Individual Competitions

They’re all against Lu! The Chinese outgoing Olympic champion will have to keep a sharp eye this time around. No use citing the 7 contenders who all have a very real chance of becoming champions. Of interest is Henrik Stehlik (GER), whose misfortune was the talk of Beijing and who will be looking to erase his past blunder to wind up the year on a positive note. Has yet the 2004 Athens Olympic Champion and doyen of the circuit Yuri Nikitin (UKR) to announce his retirement? Definitively no. Yuri is about to start a new approach of the discipline. Interesting! We'll talk with him later on.

Women’s Individual Competitions

Irina Karavaeva (RUS) and her faithful mentor Vitaly Dubko have some serious face to save! Hard to forget Irina’s botched landing at the final, made worse by the exasperated expression on Boris’ face as he lit out of the hall. Irina will make it a point of honour to bridge the gap she gouged in her exemplary career, debuted in Porto (POR) in 1994, where she took her first of 7 world titles! In this final, the fight of the long-lived will vie with an ultimate and final bow for many of these gymnasts (Karavaeva 33 years, Movchan, Chernova 32 years). And there’s the new dual for the Gold and Silver fresh off the boat from Beijing. He Wenna (CHN), like her teammate Lu will have to keep is eye sharp around!

Men’s Synchro

Spectacular as ever, all eyes are on Synchro in Togliatti. Let’s just hope that Japanese Sotomura’s and Ueyama’s e-mail is up and running, that being the way they train and all (sic); one in Tokyo, the other in Osaka! Look out for the French Pennes / Martiny, up against Model/Kazak (BLR), Chernonos/Nikitin (UKR) and Knytchev German/Leven Alexander (RUS).

Women’s Synchro

We’ll be looking at a dual between Ukrainians Movchan / Domchevska and Russians Karavaeva/Chernova. Belarusian Mironova/Petrenia, Uzbek Kihlko / Savkina (bronze medallist in Beijing), will be jumping a fabulous match! In Synchro, a surprise guest might swing down from China Gu / Jiang.

Men’s Tumbling

Star players in this discipline include Polish-born Jozef Wadecki and Chinese Wang Jiexu, tough competition. It’ll take the skill of Andrei Krylov (RUS), the experience of Andrei Kabishev (BLR) and the volatility of Pan Huanian to crown a new hierarchy.

Women’s Tumbling

On the front lines, Anna Korobeynikova (RUS) and Olena Chabanenko (UKR). Hot on their heels, Emily Smith (CAN) and Sarah Turner (GBR) holding their breath for the fatal slip that’ll boost them to the podium. The race will be close in this spectacular category!

Through the Grapevine

Final Cup stage in Russia! In Togliatti!

And again in Russia, trampolinists will get the chance to bounce to their heart’s content at the 26th World Championships in Trampoline, November 7 – 15, 2009 in St. Petersburg.

The ultimate sporting event of this 2008 rebound season. And a final show for FIG Technical Committee member Ulf Andersson (SWE), who will hang up his hat to launch a new career with the FIG Staff in Lausanne, where his business will be, among other things …..Trampoline! Nice to have you, Ulf! And that’s breaking news!





You will soon have access to the official FIG micro site which provides more news and information on the 9th Trampoline Gymnastics World Cup Final in Togliatti (RUS).






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