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Stretching out: Code Catastrophe!
- U.S. Coach Stacy Maloney speaks out 
regarding the FIG's recently-proposed evaluation system

Source: International Gymnast

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Dear Members of the Gymnastics Community,
My name is Stacy Maloney. You might know me as Paul and Morgan Hamm's long-time coach from Swiss Turners Gymnastics Academy in Wisconsin. I feel compelled to speak out about an incredibly important issue that affects all of us in the gymnastics community.

Your life in gymnastics is about to change, and I don't think that many of you realize how dramatic of a negative change this will be. The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) is currently in the final stages of creating a new Code of Points that will euthanize the traditional 10.0 scoring system. It is an open-ended Code, meaning that there is no limit to how high a gymnast can score. Skills will be valued between .1 and 1.0, with skills lettered between A Values and G Values. A gymnast's score will be the addition of two components, execution where the judge takes off starting from 10.0, and, the addition of the gymnast's top 10 most difficult skills plus some potential combination bonuses.

This new system will do three things:
>> First,
it will encourage a proliferation of even more difficulty in an already brutal and dangerous sport—taking us into the realm of an "X-Games" type sport. In addition to astronomically increasing the probability of serious injuries to our gymnasts, this new open code will direct gymnastics towards a depletion of its aesthetic beauty.
>> Secondly, it will disorientate a public whose only reference point for understanding what they see at a meet is how close the score comes up to a 10.0. Furthermore, it will confuse them as this new system actually makes it possible for gymnasts to fall or jump off of an event to rest and then get up and chuck a bunch more difficulty and still win! It could be possible with the new open-ended code for a gymnast to win the all-around without even doing all six events. How will the public, our customers, react to that? I don't have to answer it. Just go change the scoring system in football and see what people do. Unfortunately in our case, people will just turn us off.

>> Thirdly, think about how such a monumental change will affect your businesses—imagine trying to explain it all to the parents and kids. It will most likely impact our livelihoods in a very negative way.

"This new system will encourage a proliferation of even more difficulty in an already brutal and dangerous sport—taking us into the realm of the X-Games."

How could this be happening? 
Because no one has the guts to speak up and do anything about it. I am hoping that at least the men won't go down without a fight.
What is USA Gymnastics doing about it? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! I am so angry about it I could spit. I have emailed and tried to call our former President, Bob Colarossi, who was recently elected to the executive committee of the FIG. I got no response. (By the way Bob Colarossi did not vote against the new code at the last FIG Executive Meeting in Zurich.)

I have emailed Mr. Ron Froelich, USA Gymnastics' Chairman of the Board and Auditor for the FIG.
He essentially told me that there is nothing that the United States can do to stop the implementation of this new Code. I say bull crap to that. There is a lot we can and must do to fight this new code. The President and the Chairman of the Board of USA Gymnastics are hired and elected to serve the best interests and carry out the wishes of the general gymnastics community. That is not happening here and I am asking everyone to let our chairman of the board, Ron Froelich, know that he is accountable for his lack of actions in fighting this new code and that we unequivocally reject this new Code, period.

So please, don't wait. There is a meeting of all the Gymnastic Unions who will vote for this new open-ended code towards the end of April, in about 3 weeks. Email Ron Froelich—your Chairman of the Board and Bob Colarossi—your former President and current representative on the FIG Executive Committee and Steve Penny—your new President for your USA Gymnastics and tell them how you feel about this new code and their lack of action.

Here is Ron Froelich's email address:
Here is Bob Colarossi's email address:
Here is Steve Penny's email address:

Furthermore, please pass this email or letter on to any other coaches that you know. People who are silent, are for the code because no resistance is what the "open-ended" Code the FIG Zealots need to succeed (remember, they are defying their own worldwide poll where 88% of respondents wanted to keep the current 10.0 code). So act now or prepare for the open ended "Doomsday" code. Do it today! Right now! We need to let Ron Froelich and Bob Colarossi know that their lack of action and apathy on this Armageddon of an issue is absolutely unacceptable. Perhaps if Mr. Froelich gets a couple of thousand emails he'll rethink his position. With the United States anything is possible!

Finally, I encourage all gymnasts, coaches and gymnastics enthusiasts around the world who don't want this new code, to stand up and fervently voice their opinions to their respective federations. One voice carries a lot of power when it reverberates with honesty, passion and courage.

Most respectfully,
Stacy Maloney

Maloney, a former U.S. national team member, coached world and Olympic medalists Paul and Morgan Hamm for 13 years. 
He is the current head coach and owner of Swiss Turners Gymnastics in Milwaukee, Wis. He was named USAG Men's Coach of the Year for 2003-2004.
( Friendly permission by INTERNATIONAL GYMNAST, U.S.A.)

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German version will follow very soon!
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