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Salt Lake City, USA      Gritt Hofmann (GER): Greetings from Salt Lake to Patras...

From Salt Lake City, Utah/USA:

<< Gritt Hofmann, (photo) the member of the German National team sends greetings from the OLympic City to all participants of the European Championships, but specially, of course to all German girls...
Gritt is study this year at the University of Utah and is a team member og this university, now.
But the aim of Gritt is to participate at the Olympic Games in Athens 2004


A German Gymnast in the Olympic Salt Lake City
(by Gritt Hofmann, Member of German National Team, Artistic Gymnastics)

"After over two month in Salt Lake City, I can say that I have settled in slowly.

Compared with Berlin, the city is a little smaller of course but the mountains, which sourround the city here, are very impressive. One has the most beautiful view from the campus because downtown lies literally right below us here to ones feet. I particularly enjoy the hours in the morning when the sun just barely rises stunningly over the mountains and the city. That is just one indescribable beautiful moment. Consequently, the long distances one has to walk from class to class become more pleasantly and one forgets partly how cold it is actually really gets.

I am finally adjusting to the student life as well. Most of the material covered in class is from the Abitur area und thus repetition for me. This is very helpful and makes the language acquisition made easier for me. Once I know the language ďperfectlyĒ, I will strive for a final degree from the school of art/architecture.  Hopefully that will happen soon.

Another important reason for me to come to Utah was of course the university gymnastics team. Go Utes!


The team consists of 11 gymnasts (incl. me). All are very powerful and love gymnastics just as much as I do. As a result, the meets on the weekends are always connected with a lot of fun. However, a sports arena with an average of over 10,000 enthusiastic spectators makes each gymnastics heart beat faster. Itís hardly conceivable how beautiful it can be to do gymnastics here in the Huntsman Center. The team, the coaches, the physiotherapists, as well as all the other people that cooperate with us, have fully accepted and welcomed me and are ready to help me any time. Therefore, I feel right at home and I know that someone will always look after me. No matter wether it concerns training, the university or any other problems.

<< The Utah team is greeting all participants of 
      the Europeans in Patras!!!

The competition season begins in January and ends usually at the end of April. Itís a long season during which we have a meet every weekend either at home or on the road. Thatís quite an exhausting time but nevertheless fun! And thatís the most important thing. The best are the final scores, which always are in the area of 9.8 (of course without a fall). Likewise, a 10er valuation for a perfect exercise is quite possible. Now thatís really the dream for every gymnast: To do a perfect exercise and also getting 10.00! College competitions make this possible (due to relieved valuation regulations).

Olympic Games were great....!!!

A further highlight without question have been the Olympic winter games. It was truly unique to be part of the Olympic feeling and atmosphere from such close proximity. Sometimes it was difficult to believe that the things one saw on TV took place directly at oneís own doorstep.

I was even able to get a ticket for the ladies short program in figure skating. It was unbelievable; especially since the tickets have been sold out for a long time. To watch an Olympic competition live was a unique experience. I enjoyed it very much. I wish I could say the same about gymnastics. Not only to watch - but to be there. Who knows, maybe in 2004 in AthensÖ?

With the Olympics gone, I am able to stay in the new dorms that used to be the Olympic village. Everything was newly built just for the Olympics. Therefore, the rooms are spacious and luxurious., which makes me feel right at home here.

Gritt (re),... im Spiegel der Olympiaereignisse vor Ort.

Of course, I miss all my friends, coaches, relatives and especially my family. Luckily for me, there is still the Internet and telephones that make it possible to continuously stay in touch despite the long distance between us.

Due to the detailed reporting of the GYMmedia team and www.gymmedia.com. So Iím always up to date about whatís going on in the gymnastics world.  And sine the pages are in german and in English my coach is even able to read everything as well. He is really impressed about how extensive and detailed the GYMmedai team works. Therefore, big praise to the team!
All in all, Iím very glad to be able to undergo this wonderful experience here in Salt Lake City.  Thus I enjoy every day that I can spend here.

Much cordial greets to everybody and specially to all the German gymnasts, now in this week in Patras - GOOD LUCK!!! 
I will have a look about all GYMmedia information:

Gritt Hofmann, 
Salt Lake City
, University of Utah

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