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This discipline is extremely spectacular and requires dynamic reactions, spatial awareness, co-ordination, power, strength and courage. The action takes no more than a few seconds but requires years of hard work. The gymnast gains speed and power by running along a 25- metre track and performing a series of somersaults and twists. Top class tumblers perform no less than two double somersaults in one run, the best of them three, with twisting elements in addition.

At the 1974
FIT World Championships the discipline TUMBLING was introduced as an exhibition sport and two years later tumbling was added to the FIT disciplines.
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It consisted of five tumbling passes and it was competed on 84-foot long panel mats. For years, the FIT and the IFSA competed in their versions of tumbling at their World Championships. Some countries adopted and competed with IFSA tumbling while other countries went with the FIT tumbling, and some countries competed in both.

In 1981, the World Games adopted tumbling into its competitions. Tumbling continues to be competed at the World Games every four years.

In 1999, the FIT merged with the International Gymnastics Federation F.I.G..
All international tumbling competitions are currently housed under the FIG as one of the disciplines of the Sport of Trampoline.
Through the years the sport of tumbling was competed on gym floors, panel mats, ski floor, and spring floors, and is now competed on a rod floor.
Today's competitors complete passes with up to three double somersaults and double somersaults with twists, and even triple somersaults.

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   * source : fig-statistics

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