These words by Guy Laliberté – founder and president of the crazy adventure named “Cirque du Soleil” describe quite well what is expected from future actors who want to participate in the big family of the Cirque and who want to run away with him…!

One of the latest European castings in the year 2000 took place in the heart of Europe, in the German metropolis Berlin. Also quite a few gymnastics World stars arrived….

 Curiosity, tension, nobody really knew what to expect…

Host: Gymnastics Federation of Berlin   

25 candidats from 11 European countries had travelled to Berlin, still active and former elite athletes, acrobats, gymnasts, artists, stuntmen…

Fabrice Becker and Solange Grimard as..
…professional talent scouts took care that no anxiety arose from the beginning on. Loose but precise explanations made clear to everybody what to expect, translated by Lisa Worthmann (right, GYMmedia)

Usually the candidates come from an artistic or sports background. Acrobatics, circus arts, singing, dancing, music and theatre are some of the artistic disciplines which are interesting for us.

Also many elite athletes who have finished their careers in gymnastics, synchronised swimming, high diving, acrobatic kinds of sports, trampolining, floor acrobatics are interested in starting a new career…

Zoltan Supola (- has participated in the Olympic high bar final in Sydney as well as in the Worldcup final in Glasgow):
“After 20 years in artistic gymnastics, 11 of them among the best gymnasts in the World, I am now looking for a new challenge! If possible together with my wife Noemi… that would be it!
Starting for Hungary in gymnastics is not that important to me anymore. Now I want to make new experiences, to meet new people…!

If it won’t work out well here – well, the World championships in Ghent 2001 are of course also not yet cancelled”.

(Noemi Supola, in the middle, behind Zoltan)

E.g. in Berlin “half of” the Hungarian national team in men’s artistic gymnastics took part in the casting, lead by Zoltan Zupola (middle), the former vice World champion on high bar (1994), the long-year participant in Olympic Games and World championships Miklos Pancel (right) and Miklos Hajdu (left), who just until now has been the coach of the Canadian Kyle Shewfelt, who has reached the 2nd place on floor in the Worldcup final in Glasgow (December 2000).

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(Pics/Reported by: Eckhard Herholz
Translation: Lisa Worthmann)