08. April 2011  
Berlin, Germany  
Artistic Gymnastics

Philipp Boy: After silver at Worlds, now European Champion!



* Old Europe has its new gymnastic king!The result was the desired one – the way towards it exciting like a good film: after some problems on the pommel horse and a frightening second on the high bar, Philipp Boy controlled his nerves and showed an excellent floor exercise, he got a total score of 88,875 and assured himself the title he dreamed of, leaving his rivals behind.

Maxim Deviatkovski made mistakes at jump and pommel horse, while the Romanian Flavius Koczi scored only 0,050 less than Boy and became vice-European champion. Two bronze medals were given away this time, one to the young British gymnast Daniel Purvis and one to the Ukrainian Mykola Kuksenkow, both scoring 88,350 points. After a fall from high bar, German all-around champion Marcel Nguyen missed a medal and came on 6th place behind the Russian Nikita Ignatjev.



Berlin's mascot 'BERLINO' also close to the podium
like our GYMmedia reporters
Dieter Hofmann & Eckhard Herholz.


1st rotation___________________
- Daniel Purvis (GBR) started on pommel horse (14,125),
- Philipp Boy wanted to do keep up with him, but couldn’t do all the exercises (5.8), had a problem with the handstand-dismount and missed quite a lot of points: 13,825;
- Medal favourite Deviatovski was even less lucky – he fell on his back onto the pommel horse and after the Roché on vault, he finished sitting on the mat - what made it impossible to reach his medal dreams (9th place in the end).
- Flavius Koczi (ROM) started with a great Kasamatzu 11/2-twist and great 16,100 points at jump.
- Mykula Kuksenkow (UKR) had some problems with the strength elements at rings (6.2) = 14,375.
- Marcel Nguyen (GER) performed very concentrated and was trying to get his strength element recognized, little jumps after the Tsukahara-dismount, stretched (14,475).

2nd rotation
- Philipp Boy at rings: he lifted his fist for the first time of this evening: optimal exercise, doublesalto fw. Piked into excellent stand = 14,625, only the young Russian Ignatjew scored more points this evening(14,975).
- Claudio Capelli landed the Roché on his back ... 
- Marcel Nguyen after Kasamatsu 1/1 sidestep outside the limit (15,800). - - Daniel Purvis balanced the rings, could get the straight again after Jonasson and Yamawaki = 14,225.
- Flavius Koczi faultless again on floor – took the lead ahead of Marcel Nguyen... but it’s difficult to make direct comparisons at an all-around because of the big differences between the appartus!

3rd rotation
- Bart Deurloo (NED) cheered after his excellent Roché, the same did
- Marcel Nguyen with the best exercise on parallel bars today - risky Tsukahara very close to the bars, but clean = 15,325!
- Philipp Boy after his 15,950 points; only the British Kristian Thomas scored better than them with 16,025.
... Philipp Boy placed now already 6th...

4th rotation
- Marcel Nguyen – wasn’t lucky today at high bar, on which he became German champion seven months ago. The fall destroyed all his hopes for a medal that until then could have been possible ...
- Daniel Purvis – also on parallel bars the British made a solid all-around exercise: 14,575.
- Philipp Boy on the same apparatus with a powerful routine, not outstanding, but one that kept alive his medal chances (14,200).

5th rotation

- Marcel Nguyen got only 14,800 points on floor, and as he’d finish on the pommel horse it was already clear after this routine that he lost the medal on high bar!
- Philipp Boy on high bar: after a good Cassina-salto (stretched Kovacs with full twist) he overturned the Adler and had to improvise to avoid an extra-swing... and again it was not sure that he could step on the podium …the audience suffered with him...

6th rotation
Flavius Koczi or Philipp Boy – only these two gymnast could still fight for the title:
- Flavius Koczi is not a specialist on rings, 14,445 points for his exercise left Philipp Boy the possibility to win the title, if – yes, if he could do a perfect floor routine. And there the Vice-World champion showed his new strength to cope with psychical pressure:
He achieved a score over 15 points and won gold ahead of his rival from Romania with an advantage of only 0,050 points.

** GYMmedia Excusive Interview: - Flavius KOCZI, Romania:

Philipp Boy is the new European champion! He defends the European  title for Germany after Fabian Hambüchen in Milan 2009!
** GYMmedia Excusive Interview: - Philipp BOY, Germany:

Artistic gymnastics can’t be more exciting, and as head-coach Andreas Hirsch said: " ...the total points are summed up after the last apparatus!"

* Final Results, All-aroun men

1. BOY, Philipp                (GER)  - 88,875
2. KOCZI, Flavius            (ROM)  - 88,825
3. PURVIS, Daniel           (GBR)  - 88,350
3. KUKSENKOV, Mykola (UKR)  -88,350

5. IGNATIEV, Nikita (RUS)  - 87,650
6. NGUYEN, Marcel (GER)  - 87,550
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First Ceremony at the Berlin's Medal Plaza:
* To the very first time at European Championships - after the role model of the 2007 Worlds in Stuttgart - there was organized a special MEDAL PLAZA in the middle and downtown of the German Capital Berlin, under the roof of the Sony Center (Potsdamer Platz:
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