07. November 2014  
WCh / WM 2014 Daytona Beach, Fl./USA

DAY 1: Friday - full program of Preliminaries ...

Daytona Beach is well prepared
A total of 45 countries have reported their athletes to the 30th World Championships of Trampoline, Double mini-tramp and Tumbling and the subsequent World Age Group Competitions of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). The competition venue of the Ocean Center of Daytona Beach, the American host city, is well prepared and the first training sessions in Florida are already running, as well as the runners on the beach, enjoying the outer charming with wonderful opportunities, but windy sunny weather ...

GYMmedia partner "E u r o t r a m p" provides technical best conditions in the Ocean Center of Daytona Beach.

Updates before beginning: Roundtable ...
Before the start of the Trampoline World Championships in Daytona Beach, the coach of the participating sports federations were invited by the FIG Trampoline Technical Committee at a roundtable talk. They discussed three different subject areas:
1- There was spoken among other things on whether the future again the Worlds starting age for women should be reduced by one year: There was a clear 'NO' by the majority of those present.
2- A discuss a separate calculation difficulty in female tumbling. Using experts to advise in the coming months and then develop proposals.

3- Also was debating the "lateral drifting resp. hiking" on the trampoline jumping mat. The question is: Athletes may also in future continue to jump without deductions from "risk zones" ...?
These are possibly measuring plates detect data under the four apparatus feets. These issues were discussed on as well as in the large Ocean Center Lobby.
<< So, among other things Germany's  Bundesliga Chief Heinz-Peter Michels, the FIG- TK-Chairman Horst Kunze and EUROTRAMP representative Rüdiger Mosel (photo, left.) were in intensive discussions on these issues.
Also at the evening meeting of the national active speakers discussed quite exhaustively about these topics. In particular, the "lateral drift" was again in the focus of the talks.

* From Daytona Beach for GYMmedia: H.-P. Michels (GER)

  The preliminaries in Daytona Beach start at 7 pm. local (Eastern) time
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