08. November 2014  
WCh / WM 2014 Daytona Beach, Fl./USA

DAY 2 - more Qualifications, first Finals

Not the Canadian Olympic champion Rosannagh MacLennan, reciting the first three triple somersaults at the beginning, but the young aspiring Chinese LIU, Ling Ling won the Olympic trampoline disciplin of women with significantly better attitude score and 0.5 points ahead. The distance to bronze, the current European champion Hanna Harchonak from Belarus was there already more than one point.
Even China's men with DONG Dong and TU Xiao remained in synchro final extremely cool and also showed with their last exercise their absolute world class. Second place went to Belarus (Kazak / Hancharou) with the now-after all, already 40-year-old Nikolai Kazak. The Japanese Masaki / Ueyama slip with a-synchronous exercise from fourth place, making the duo from Poland (Zakrzewski / Adamczyk) rejoiced in bronze.
High spirits reigned supreme at the men's double mini tramp decision, because behind Mikhail SALOMIN from Russia won the US Boys with Austin White and Austin Nacey silver and bronze ...

... reges Publikumsinteresse schon bei den spannenden Qualifikationen !


  1. CHN - DONG Dong
          & TU Xiao  - 51,700
  2. BLR - KAZAK, Mikalai
          & HANCHAROU, Vladislav  - 49,600
  3. POL - ZAKRZEWSKI, Artur
          & ADAMCZYK, Tomasz  - 49,400

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... before: Men's Qualification SYNCHRO
China ahead of Japan and Australia, then New Zealand, USA and Poland and Belarus and Kazakhstan qualified for the men's final.
Both Russian couples broke off surprisingly! A similar fate befell the two German combinations. After a remarkable duty was followed by a non-synchronous long program of Immanuel Kober / Daniel Schmidt, so they slid back to 16th place. Worse still, it caught the German champion Martin Gromowski  and his partner Kyrylo Sonn. After also ordinary duty Kiri touched the frame pads laterally, which led to the forced demolition. They ended up as 31st in last place.
The Swiss duo Nicolas Schori / Jimmy Raimond managed a not quite perfect with preliminaries at the end of tenth place. Austria was not involved. It led the couple from China ahead of Japan and the tied neighbors Australia and New Zealand.
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  FINALE - TUMBLING, Frauen (Samstag)
The femal Tumbling Final brought a big surprise:
The Chinese JIA Fang Fang broke off, completely surprising ... (?) in leading position and dropped to rank 7 only and so Rachael LETSCHE from Great Britain won the gold medal.
China remained only silver by CHEN, Linxi and bronze went to Portugal, to Raquel PINTO.
Even Russia's Star Anna Korobeinikova was in sixth -3.4 points from the medal area away ...

  1. LETSCHE, Rachael  (GBR)  - 67,500
  2. CHEN, Linxi             (CHN)  - 67,300
  3. PINTO, Raquel        (POR)  - 66,100

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Rachael Letsche made a sensational performance that saw her jump from 8th in qualification to the gold medal position in the final.
Competing first out of the top eight gymnasts, Rachael kept her cool and performed a solid first run which put her in a great position as the competition unfolded. She then stole the spotlight as she completed another well executed pass and after the only gymnast left to beat her from China failed to complete her final run, Rachael earned the crown. GBR’s Lucie Colebeck also competed in the final and finished in 8th place.


Rachel said: “It’s an overwhelming feeling I’m so shocked with the results. I came out with a strong first run and the second pass was quite simple. I was quite emotional at the end as I will be finishing tumbling this after this competition. Overall I'm happy, I just can't stop crying!”


... before, on Friday: Women's Qualification TUMBLING
... and here the incredible staccato of the Chinese JIA, Fangfang an the tumbling track :

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