05. November 2014  
Daytona Beach, USA  


From November 07 to 09, in Daytona Beach (Florida / USA) take place the 30th Trampoline World Championships 2014. The World Gymnastics Federation F.I.G. registerd a total of 288 athletes representing 42 different nations: 112 men and 176 women.
They will start in the disciplines of Trampoline Individual (TRA) and -Synchron (SYN) as well as in the discipline Double Mini-Tramp (DMT) and on the Tumbling track (TUM). The latter two categories include the last 40 years. Since this is 2014, a so-called "intermediate Worlds" is, no team titles will be awarded at this time.

Calm before the Storm: The competition hall is prepared.

Thirty-two men and sixteen women from twelve countries competed in a double-elimination tournament facing off man-to-man (or woman-to-woman), winners advancing until there was one last man/woman standing. Each gymnast performed a 10-bounce routine for the judges to decide who advances to the next round.
The winners were Dan Millman and Judy Wills, both from United States. The silver and bronze went to Linda Ball from England, and Marikle van der Boogard from South Africa. For Men Gary Erwin from the US won the silver and third place was by Dave Smith from England.




The top performers came from the United States at that time and so did not win unexpectedly Danny Millman and Judy Wills. ...
Meanwhile, 50 years have passed, and in 1999 merged the two world organizations with the sole aim of the IOC to gain recognition as an international sport program. This intention was realized one year later and since Sydney 2000 are the flying acrobats integral part of the Summer Olympic Games.

WCh Start 50 years ago
For a total of 7 times in these five decades of Worlds history will find the title fights on the American continent instead: After the London double starts (1964 and 1965) was followed for the first time in 1966 Lafayette (Louisiana), in 1976 Tulsa (Oklahoma), 1982 Bozeman (Montana ), 1988 Birmingham (Alabama) and twice Canadian host cities: Vancouver in 1996 and 2007 Quebec. So now 2014 Daytona Beach, on the sunny beach of Florida with the 30'er WM-anniversary.

The performance presences
At the starting events in London in 1964 and also in the first ten years after the Americans mainly dominates the scene, as followed in the middle block of the now 50 years world championships athletes mainly from Europe, often from the Soviet Union and later Russia. But England, France and Germany may be mentioned here.
For the past ten years, China's dominance is noted to have said, only the girls from Canada held from time to time, however.  At this ranking currently has little to no change at all and so the favorites role is identified quickly.
Now that a few years ago the so-called "Time of Flight-control" (flight time as a weighting factor) joined me as also the distances between the top athletes as well as many national title holders have become even greater. After a successful debut last year for the 29th World Championships in Sofia, it will once again give a trampoline singles semi-finals to qualify the best 24, it agrees with the usual final with eight qualifiers.