20. November 2018

 ♦♦ ... is an organization bringing together the GYM Festival Organisations from across Europe and the World considering the importance of gymnastics diversity as a guarantee of sustainable intercultural development and supporting the establishment of European Gym Festivals.

To coordinate and to open the European Gym Festivals program "E G F" promotes the international Calendar and the international particularities of the events as well the friendship between the countries.
E G F will be supported by the International Sports and Cultural Association (ISCA)
* ... read more at the  ►► EGF Charter   (2010, Oct)


17. June 2018
Riggione, ITA

The 14th Festival del Sole in Riccione / Italy, is the biggest international ”Gymnastics for all” event in the Mediterranean area.
For a whole week, the city of Riccione, the Italian "holiday capital" - turns into a huge stage where more than 4,000 athletes from around the world perform at their best.
The this years's edition take place from July 01 to 07 and will start with a parade of participating delegations and an Opening ceremony ...
* ... read more on ►► www.festivaldelsole.it

5. January 2018
Loutraki, GRE

Following the successful premiere in the summer of 2017, the Greek organizers are already advertising for the second edition of their "CosmoGym Summer 4all" festival, which will take place from 30 June to 5 July 2019 in the Greek town of Loutraki, on the Gulf of Corinth.
GYMmedia offers the Greek organizers a media cooperation via the virtual EGF network:
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3. December 2017
Gran Canaria

Since 1960, up to now to the 57th edition of the legendary BLUME  FESTIVAL Gran Canaria more and more people worldwide the phantastic unit between spending their free time here on the island of "eternal spring", making holidays and do their hobbies here - from relaxed leisure sports to ambitious shows and events also competitions as an individual, but better in a team of their home clubs!
And this mostly in a season of cool, even cold weather in large parts of Europe!
So BLUME OC Chief  Jesús Telo Rodriguez was able to enjoy a new record of foreign participants of almost 1,000 guests from altogether 18 different countries as well as over 4,200 active participants in total, because gymnastics disciplines have the Canary Islands are infected in a downright exemplary manner with the special  "BLUME bazilius"  ...!
* ... more on the GYMmedia BLUME website at ►► www.blume-grancanaria.org

20. November 2017
Gran Canaria, ESP

The organizers of the BLUME GRAN CANARIA Festival, which are just now preparing their event to the 57th time in 2017, are among the co-founders of the "European GYM Festivals" (EGF), an association of interests and a network of like-minded organizers.
The goal is to achieve better networking and more effective communication.
Since the European Gymnastics Service "GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL" hosted and coordinated this, a worldwide distribution is possible.
! Thus, the EGF members invite other event organizers worldwide to join this association for a better international, digital networking of the complexe gymnastics disciplines and "gym philosophie" ... ...

28. July 2016
Ulm, Germany

Das EGF-Event des Schwäbischen Turnerbundes (STB), das Baden-Württembergische Landesturnfest 2016 vom 28. bis zum 31. Juli in Ulm zog über 15.000 Teilnehmer und 100 000 Besucher an!
Während die Tagesgäste und Besucher vor allen Dingen bei den unzähligen Mitmachaktionen aktiv sein konnten und die Zuschauerkulisse an den Bühnen vergnügten, stand der „wahre“ Turnfest-Teilnehmer vor einer ganz besonderen Erfahrung ...neugierig ...?!
♦♦ Am 28. Juli 2016 hatte Landesherr Kretzschmann das Multi-kulti-Ereignis eröffnet!
     * ...mehr unter landesturnfest.de

26. November 2015
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

The "Festival with heart" in the sixth decade ...
... and still youthful, fresh and innovative-modern is the unique FESTIVAL BLUME CRAN Canaria, therefore, the 55th edition from November 27 to December 05 the island of eternal spring will go in motion again.
The Spanish organizers to Jesus TELO from the gymnastics club "Gimnasio Las Palmas" expect about 50 groups or associations from 16 different European nations with about 1,000 international guests, but not only that: