01. November 2015  
Glasgow, GBR  
WM, Männer

Men's Apparatus Final: Shirai and Uchimura with two more gold - Japan in leading position again!

♦ At the final day of the 46th Artistic Gymnastics Worlds in Glasgow men's all-around champion Kohei UCHIMURA of Japan added a gold in the high bar final just topping American Danell LEYVA and Cuban teenager Manrique LARDUET. It was his first title of the vice-champion from 2014 at this apparatus and his 10th Golden in his career (!)
China's YOU Hao topped the field in the parallel bars final, with Oleg VERNIAIEV of the Ukraine second, but it was the only one men's gold this year for the top gynsatics nation China!
And the former Ukrainian Oleg STEPKO, starting now for Azerbaijan ranked third und brought the very first medal for his new homeland. ,
North Korea's titleholder RI, Se Gwang won his second straight gold in men's vault, edging the former 4-times vault world champion from Romania, the 34-years old Marian DRAGULESCU, and also Donnell WHITTENBURG of the U.S. on third.

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M E N - Day 1  (→ STARTLISTE 1)

    F L O O R  E X E R C I S E S

The rebound of Mr. Twist
Even in the absence of Kohei Uchimura, the Japanese hit parade continued Saturday, with twisting sensation Kenzo Shirai regaining the World Floor title he won in 2013. As Shirai slayed the audience and judges by nailing his quadruple twist final pass to win his second gold of this championships, Great Britain's Max Whitlock was no less happy in silver, while Spain's Rayderley Zapata won bronze.

**  R E S U L T S

 1. SHIRAI, Kenzo    (JPN) -   (7.6) = 16,233
 2. WHITLOCK, Max  (GBR) - (6.8) = 15,566
 3. ZAPATA SANTANA  (ESP) - 6.7) = 15,200

4. DENG Shudi (CHN) – 15,166
5. PURVIS Daniel (GBR) – 15,100
6. KIM Hansol (KOR) – 14,933
7. LARDUET Manrique (CUB) – 14,800
8. GONZALEZ Tomas (CHI) – 14,733
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   S T I LL  R I N G S

In the name of the father
The reigning European champion, Greece's Eleftherios Petrounias, came to the World Championships with one mission: win a medal on Rings to honor his father, who recently passed away.
By relegating China's You Hao and 2014 World champion Liu Yang silver and bronze, respectively, Petrounias delivered a fitting memorial. It's the second rings title after the
"Colossus of Rhodes" Dimosthenes Tambakos in Anaheim 2003.

* R E S U L T S

 1. PETROUNIAS, Eleftherios (GRE) - 15,800
 2. YOU, Hao                      (CHN)  - 15,733
 3. LIU, Yang                     (CHN)   - 15,700

4. AIT SAID Samir                    (FRA) – 15,633
5. WYNN Brandon                    (USA) – 15,600
6. Van GELDER Lambertus       (NED) – 15,500
7. VAHAGN Davtyan                 (ARM) – 15,333
8. WHITTENBURH Donnell        (USA) – 15,300

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* FINALS Part II, Sunday, Nov 01 (→ STARTLIST 2)

"Dragulescuing" pays off for Dragulescu
The challenge was simple: Beat Marian Dragulescu at his own game. Competing at Worlds for the first time in four years, the master of the famous Vault that bears his name (two front flips with a half twist) returned for a round of "can-you-stick-this-better-than-I-can" in finals.
Fourteen years after the Romanian won his first World title, only one person could: Dragulescu was edged by a mere 0.05 by reigning World champion Ri Se Gwang. In taking the gold, Ri, an innovator himself, performed his own siganture Vault (two backflips off the horse with a full twist). For good measure, he also threw a Dragulescu Vault of his own, this one in the piked position, even harder than the original.

  V A U L T

* R E S U L T S
1. RI Se Gwang (PRK) – 15,450
2. DRAGULESCU Marian (ROU) – 15,400
3. WHITTENBURG Donnell (USA) – 15,350

4. VERNIAIEV Oleg (UKR) – 15,283
5. RADIVILOV Igor (UKR) – 15,083
6. ABLIAZIN Denis (RUS) – 14,850
7. SHIRAI Kenzo (JPN) – 14,516
8. KIM Hansol (KOR) – 14,500
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  H I G H   B A R
    (Starting order)

Uchimura, the gold standard
Already golden with the Japanese men's team and in the Men's All-around for the sixth straight World Championships, Kohei Uchimura's midas touch continued as he too won the 10th World gold of his celebrated career. After finishing third in 2011 and 2013 and second last year on High Bar, Uchimura finally scaled the top of the podium on one of his best events. Impeccable to the tips of his toes, he topped American Danell Leyva, who hit the routine of his life to finish just 0.133 behind, and Cuba's Manrique Larduet, who won bronze. Already considered the greatest gymnast of all time, Uchimura departs Glasgow with three World titles, two of which (team and High Bar) he has never won before.

1. UCHIMURA Kohei (JPN) – 15,833
2. LEYVA Danell (USA) – 15,700
3. LARDUET Manrique (CUB) – 15,600

4. OYAKAWA MARIANO Arthur (BRA) – 15,166
5. BRETSCHNEIDER Andreas (GER) – 14,966
6. BROOKS Christopher (USA) – 13,800
7. HAMBÜCHEN Fabian (GER) – 13,500
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