24. May 2014  
Sofia, Bulgaria  
Turn-EM, Männer

Russia won Team Title to the third time in front of Great Britain and Ukraine

With voltage, the first decision of the 36th Men's European Championships of artistic Gymnastics was expected: While the title race looks well everything after a duel between Britains and Russia - both nations had already been twice Team European Champion, the Brits were also the defending champions.
But today RUSSIAN men's team was the best and scored 267,959 points and won the European title to the third time (after Volos 2006 and Lausanne 2008).

The silver medal went to the title holder from 2012 (Montpellier), to GREAT BRITAIN, with 265,953 points. To the very first time UKRAINE won a medal on third place, thanks especially to its outstanding athlete Oleg Verniaiew, with altogether 262,087 points.
Germany compared with the preliminaries improved by three places and finished fourth at the team final (260,711) today, followed by France, the Netherlands, Romania and Belarus.

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