13. September 2015
Stuttgart, Germany

The 34th World Championships 2015 of Rhythmic Gymnastics finished today with the groups apparatus finals.
The ITALIAN girls prevented with one victory (5 ribbons) the total triumph of RUSSIA and made the top nation with -0.05 points ahead of the runner-up position.
The Bronze medal went to the Japanese group.
By combining exercise (3 pairs of clubs & 2 hoops) however, RUSSIA did not overcome and won the eighth (!) of nine gold medals, ahead of ITALY and ahead of BULGARIA.
The day before, the Russian group had already won gold in the all-around with the highest ratings of this Worlds, ahead of Bulgaria and in Spain ...
( * Groups final results overview below ...)

11. September 2015
Stuttgart, Germany

The individual events of the 34th Worlds of Rhythmic Gymnastics 2015 in Stuttgart finished with the total triumph of the Russian gymnastics nation:
The Queen of Stuttgart, Yana KUDRYAVTSEVA won her third all-around title in a line and altogether four more titles here in the Porsche Arena of Stuttgart! Not only the all-around silver medal went to her compatriot Margarita MAMUN, but all the other silver medals too. So Russia won the maximum of medals in a sovereign manner .....! After a strong fight and with her last exercise with the ribbon Melitina STANIOUTA came on bronze place, because Ganna Rizatdinova started with mistakes in her first routine (clubs) and ranked on 5th place, behind the young Salome Pazhava from Georgia, who surprised with an phantastic fourth place, followed by Marina Durunda (AZE),  Neta Rivkin (ISR) and Laura Yiha Zeng from USA .......

10. September 2015
Stuttgart, Germany

Four of six medals of the first apparatus finals of the 34th World Championships 2015 went to the leading gymnastics nation Russia:
In the Porsche Arena of Stuttgart (Germany) Margarita MAMUN (18,950) won the gold medal with the hoop and superstar Yana KUDRYAVTSEVA (19,025) was the absolutely best gymnast with the ball with the highest score of the first final day. Also both silver medals went to Russia, to Alexandra Soldatova (hoop: 18,650) and to Margerita Mamun (ball: 19,000). Ukraine's Ganna Rizatdinova get bronze with the hoop (18,583) and Byelorussian Melitina Staniouta (18,350) was third with the ball.
* On Thursday Russia's super star Yana KUDRYAVTSEVA was not only the best gymnast in all-around qualification - followed by her teammate Margarita Mamun - she won also her second gold medal with the clubs in front of Alexandra Soldatova.
Really nobody was surprised that RUSSIA (149,990) won also the team final as absolutely top nation, followed by Belarus (141,314) and Ukraine (141,196), followed by Israel, Azerbaijan and Japan. And in the golden Russian team Yana KUDRYAVTSEVA was also unbeatable with the ribbon - her fourth gold, and the absolutely "Gymnastics Queen of Stuttgart" ...

10. September 2015
Stuttgart, Germany

The 2015 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships, the first of two qualification events for the 2016 Olympic Games, began Monday, September 07 with the Individual qualification, part I of the first two apparatus: Hoop and Ball and their app. finals on Tuesday evening, Sep 08 and
→   continue with part II of qualification rounds with clubs and ribbon, starting Wednesday and finished Thursday ...

6. September 2015
Stuttgart, Germany

The Office of the International Gymnastics Federation (F.I.G.) published an interview with its President of the FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee Stuttgart (GER), Natalia KUZMINA, Russia, one day before the 34th Worlds of Rhytmic Gymnastics will be open in the Porsche Arena of Stuttgart.
In this function Natalia Kuzmina is in the office of the head referee judge at the these World Championships ...

4. September 2015
Stuttgart, Germany

The 2015 World Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics which will held from September 07 to 13 in Stuttgart, Germany, serve as the first of two qualifying competitions for the 2016 Olympic Games. The top 15 individuals and the top eight Groups will earn their countries berths for the competition in Rio. More than 280 gymnasts hailing from 56 nations from Angola to Venezuela have gathered to compete in Stuttgart (GER).
The following 23 eligible individuals and the top seven Groups that do not qualify directly to the Olympics will advance to the Rio Test Event April 22-24, where they will have a second chance to qualify for the Games.