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Three gymnasts tied for first place at the 1903 world championships, the first in the history of the sport: Georges Dejaehère and Joseph Lux, both of France, as well as the Dutch competitor Thyssen all scored 18,00 points. Swiss gymnasts Mack, Reusch and Stalder ruled on pommel horse in the 1930s. After the Soviet gymnasts Shaginyan and Shakhlin dominated ruled in the 1950s, Slovenian Miroslav Cerar took three consecutive world titles between 1962 and 1970. Zoltan Magyar (HUN) followed in his foot steps by winning the same amount of world titles.
In the 1980s, Soviets, Germans and Hungarians took turns on the highest step of the podium, succeeded by the exceptional
Pae (PRK) and Li, Donghua (SUI). Currently, Romanian Marius Urzica is the master of the pommel horse universe despite only having won a single world title so far (in 1994). 
But the top favourite Marius Urzica from Romania is on the best way for a hattrick 2003


      WCh MEN Pommel Horse
Year -German finalists
M. Urzica (ROM) Xiao, Qin (CHN) T. Kashima (JPN) -
M.Urzica (ROM) Xiao, Qin (CHN) A-Beresch (UKR) -
1999 A.Nemov (RUS) Urzica (ROM) Krukov (RUS) 5.Wecker (GER); 6.Belenki (GER)
1997 V.Belenki (GER) Poujade (FRA) Pae, Gil Su (PRK) -
1996 Pae, Gil Su (PRK) Li, Donghua (SUI) A.Nemov (RUS) -
1995 Li, Donghua (SUI) Huang, Huadong (CHN)
Hatakeda (JPN)
- -
1994 Urzica (ROM) Poujade (FRA) Li, Donghua (SUI) 7.Belenki (GER)
1993 Pae, Gil Su (PRK) Wecker (GER) Schupkegel (HUN) -
1992 Pae, Gil Su (PRK)
Scherbo (EUN)
Li, Jing (CHN)
- - (HF) Milbradt (GER)
(Q) Nikiferow (GER)
1991 Belenki (URS) Guo, Linyao (CHN) Li, Jing (CHN) 4. Wecker (GER); 8. Kroll (GER)

..after the political changes at the beginning of the nineties:

Year  -German Finalists
1989 Mogilny (URS) Wecker (GDR) Li, Jing (CHN) -
1987 Borkai (HUN)
Bilosertchev (URS)
- Geraskow (BUL) 5. Kroll (GDR)
8.Belle GDR
1985 Mogilny (URS) Li, Ning (CHN) Konishi (JPN) 6.Kroll (GDR)
1983 Bilosertchev (URS) Guczoghy (HUN)
Li, Xiaoping (CHN)
-           5. Kroll (GDR)
1981 M.Nikolai (GDR)
Li, Xiaoping (CHN)
- Korolov (URS)
Guczoghy (HUN)
1979 Magyar (HUN) Thomas (USA) Gushiken (JPN) 8.Nikolai, M. (GDR)
1978 Magyar (HUN) Gienger (FRG) Deltchev (BUL) 6. Nikolay, M (GDR)
1974 Magyar (HUN) Andrianov (URS) Kenmotsu (JPN) 6.Thüne (GDR)
1970 Cerar (YUG) Kenmotsu (JPN) Klimenko (URS) 5.Brehme (GDR)
1966 Cerar (YUG) Voronin (URS) Kato, T. (JPN) 4.Brehme (GDR)
1962 Cerar (YUG) Shachlin (URS) Mitsukuri (JPN)
Yu, Li Feng (CHN)
1958 Shachlin (URS) Stolbov (URS) Cerar (YUG) -
1954 Shaginian (URS) Stalder (SUI)  Chukarin (URS)
1950 Stalder (SUI) Adatte (SUI) Lehmann (SUI)  -
1938 Reusch (SUI) Petracek (CSR) Schürmann (SUI) -
1934 Mack (SUI)  Steinemann (SUI) Slàdek (CSR)  - 
1930  Primozic (YUG)  Sumi (YUG) Gaidos (CSR) -
1926 Karafiat (CSR) Gaidos (CSR) Vacha (CSR)  -
1922 Klinger (CSR) Stukelj (YUG)
Indruch (CSR)
Sumi (YUG)
1913 Zampori (ITA) Aubry (FRA)
Palazzi (ITA)
Torrès (FRA)
-  -
1911 Palazzi (ITA) Salvi (ITA)
Zampori (ITA)
1907 Erben (CSR) Rolland (FRA) Sal (CSR)  -
1905 Dejaeghère (FRA) Lalue (FRA) Lavielle (FRA)
1903 Dejaeghère (FRA)
Lux (FRA)
Thyssen (NED)
- - -