This was the GERMAN GYM MAGAZIN of the Nineties:
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'Olympisches Turnen Aktuell'
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   (February 2000)
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Valeri Belenki/GER
(Titelfoto: Markus Ulmer)

First time OTA reported ONLINE from the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS  in Tianjin.
together with GYMmedia
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Letzte OTA-Ausgabe 6/99  (Dezember/99)

Sample:   EDITION 01-2000

star.gif (931 Byte) European Championships Sports Aerobics '99
star.gif (931 Byte) INTERVIEWS:
  • Is Valeri Belenki  starting in his last season...?
  • Katrin Kewitz : She saw the end after Karlsruhe, already..!
  • Ursula Koch:  Personal remembering
star.gif (931 Byte) In Portrait:
Christa Herrmann (International judge) "All was happen with a lot of fun.."
star.gif (931 Byte) Ljudmila Turischtschewa:
In our region the artistic gymnastics are dying!
NATION in spot light: Argentinien
star.gif (931 Byte) Who can start in Sydney?
Calendar 2000
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German "Bundesliga", gymnasts and notices, talents in the age of 11 and 12 ...
... and many other information as usual,

...and , of course:
Results, results, results from
Artistic Gymnastics,  RSG, Trampoline, wide !

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