06-Jan-2001 Amanar and Nemow - the Number ones of World Ranking Lists 
won also the "WORLD SPORTS AWARDS 2000"
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(In 1999 
Nadia Comanneci got the Award in the category Athletics.

On 16 January 2001, at the Royal Albert Hall, major celebrities and sporting legends past and present gathered to honour the greatest proponents of sporting excellence and endeavour from the past year, at the second annual World Spots Awards. Fifteen sportsmen and woman received the highest possible accolade from their peers. Hosted by Roger Moore and Desiree Nosbusch, the event - if temporarily - healed the rift between the All Saints, as they entertained the audiece with an up-beat performance of "Hooked up". Bryan Adams and members of the Canadian super-circus Cirque de Soleil gided the lavish and spectacular occasion with top class showbusiness style. The nomination shortlists were determined by 71 of sport's great and good, from 30 different countries who each put forwar five nominees in each of 15 categories. From their votes, a top five shortlist was compiled for each award. One additional vote - canvassed from the public via the internet - was added in each section. The British flag was held aloft by Lennox Lewis who fught off a highly competitive field which included Roy Jones Junior and Felix Savon to secure the Combat Sports Award. 
The Women's Athletics award went to Simona Amanar the Romanian gymnast. The Men's Athletics Award - selected from a diverse field - was presented to another gymnast, the Russian Alexei Nemov.

Alexej Nemov (RUS) and Simona Amanar (ROM)

 In Ball Sports, he men's title was claimed by Tiger Woods and the women's by Venus Williams. Paola Pezzo (the Italian cross-country mountainbiking star) won the Womans's Etreme- and Adventure Sports Award and the men's award in the same category was climed by her male counterpart in the same sport, Miguel Martinez from France. 
Track and Field, was another American double with
Marion Jones and Michael Johnson crowned as the greatest heroes of the year, and Luis Figo inally won out against David Backham, Thierry Henry, Rivaldo and Zinedine Zidane to secure the Football Award. 
In Motor Sports,
Michael Schumacher was the undisputed winner; the Wintersports men's and women's awards went to the Austrian skiers Renate Goetschl and Hermann Maier, and the Watersports awards was a Dutch double, with winners Inge de Bruij and Pieter van den Hoogenband. 
An Honorary Award was presented to Arnold Schwarzenegger for his extensive work with major sports charities.The biggest winner of all, of course, is sport throughout the world. The World Sports Awards Foundation not only honours sport's heroes - it disperses funds to sporting causes around the globe which will ensure that in future years, a new generation of superstars will take to the stage to be honoured in similarly spectacular style.

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