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... a very special Guest!

* The oldest German artistic gymnastics coach Rudi SCHUMACHER - * born 1908, April 12
celebrated his 100st BIRTHDAY last weekend in his hometown Leipzig - here welcomed by the German cyclist legend Gustav Adolf SCHUR -
Rudolf SCHUMACHER was a former member of the legendary "DEUTSCHLAND-RIEGE" in the
Thirties of the last century and in the Fifties the first head coach of the leading GDR sports College "DHfK Leipzig".
His fosterlings were the Olympic Champion Klaus KOESTE, the Olympians, worlds and Europeans participants and German Masters like Matthias BREHME, Walther KOPPE, Siegfried FUELLE, Frank TIPPELT and others.
Rudi Schumacher has a very good health and weekly he swimms about 500 meters, regularly yet!

* Rudi SCHUMACHER was a special guest of honor, visiting a world cup event to the very first time 
and was presented by moderator Eckhard HERHOLZ in the Lausitz-Arena

* Rudi SCHUMACHER and Eberhard GIENGER - two specialists in a professional conversation!

* Rudi SCHUMACHER and his wife, also guests of honor, like the former fosterling and Olympic Champion Klaus KOESTE (middle)

* The Saxonian gymnastics Federation hands over a giant crip with a lot of signatures friends and fellowmen...
* ... read more about a very familary special Meeting >> 
on the edge of the Cottbus World Cup




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