18. August 2019  
Freyburg, GER  

... to the 30th time in the Jahn City of Freyburg!

Even if she does not go to the devices at the moment - Johanna Quaas has remained active in her 94th year! And even if she had not reported for injury reasons for the device gym competitions: Of course, she was there at the 97th Jahnturnfest 2019 in Freyburg. First and foremost, it is about the many friendships that have been created through years of sports. Of course she was already here - it is her most beautiful competition, which she has won many times already. Once again, she did not want to remain largely passive as an MDR interview guest, but participated in "General Gymnastics for all", in the popular sports competitions: "... the biggest mistake you can make is when you do nothing!" - that's her motto.