18. August 2019
Freyburg, GER

Even if she does not go to the devices at the moment - Johanna Quaas has remained active in her 94th year! And even if she had not reported for injury reasons for the device gym competitions: Of course, she was there at the 97th Jahnturnfest 2019 in Freyburg. First and foremost, it is about the many friendships that have been created through years of sports. Of course she was already here - it is her most beautiful competition, which she has won many times already. Once again, she did not want to remain largely passive as an MDR interview guest, but participated in "General Gymnastics for all", in the popular sports competitions: "... the biggest mistake you can make is when you do nothing!" - that's her motto.

1. December 2018
Maspalomas, ESP

Her biceps tendon demolition in early November (2018) prevented participation in public appearances at the 58th BLUME Festival 2018 in Gran Canaria. But Johanna Quaas did not miss the chance to participate in various workshops in order to restore gradual restorative capacity. "I can do some things better than before, and feel that the physiotherapy and careful moving do me good," said the now 93-year-old senior athlete.
Actually, she is currently not thinking of returning to the gymnastic equipment or even competition exercises. But if anyone speaks about the 100th Jahnturnfest in four years (2022), in the Jahn City of Freyburg / Unstr. (Saxonia Anhalt, near Naumburg) speaks, then a lttle  bit shine again her eyes ...: "That would be great, of course, if  I would be fit again until then and could participate in my favorite competition for this 100th anniversary ...", so the still active senior athlete said, ...

18. February 2018
Minden, GER
<< Also the head of the accident surgery and orthopedics at the Johannes-Wesling Hospital in Minden (GER), Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Zeichen was very impressed by what the 92-year-old Johanna Quaas celebrated at the parallel bars. Above all, he was also enthusiastic about the appearance and clarity of her philosophy of this athletic senior, who demonstrated evidence of her fitness in front of about 150 guests of a sports medicine professional audience for physicians (> Symposium: "Sport im Alter"), which impressively provided evidence fitness is not an innate quality, but is acquired and must be maintained - and can be cared for, even into old age, if you stay tuned, as "Hannchen" Quaas convincingly proves!

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8. January 2018

Since the start of the "Svabian Gymnastics Gala" of the Swabian Gymnastics Federation (STB) at the last week of December, the 92-year-old and worldwide oldest active gymnast Johanna Quaas also feels at home in all the following performances:
This tour takes over almost 3 weeks in 15 cities and includes 20 appearances, with the final highlight in Stuttgart, at Daturday, January 13 ...!
With her unique posture and suspense with her exercise on the parallel bar and admired by an active crowd of gymnastic children around her, she presented a symbolic image of an "ensemble of generations" under the motto:
"See what our sport can do: From young to old, and: Exercise is everything and makes you fit for everyday life!

20. November 2017
Halle, GER

Today, November 20, the most extraordinary senior gymnast in the world and in Germany celebrates her 92nd birthday:
Johanna Quaas from Halle, Germany, born in 1925 is one of the shooting stars of the digital age, and found "the oldest active competitive gymnast in the world" already receiving the "Guinness Book of World Records "(2013 edition).
Still starts the dynamic lady at four seniors apparatus - on floor exercises, on the gymnastic bench, parallel bars and deeper high bar - in different age group competitions, even if the 11-time German Seniors champion no longer participates in a row since 2011, at official national championships, where she was and is already without competition in her age range.
* Read more on her personal website www.johanna-quaas.de

15. November 2017
Einbeck, GER

In older age, falls or crashes in everyday life can actually be more problematic from year to year. The many national sports federations, as well as other facilities of the sport and the health care, offer special fall prophylaxis:
But with her almost 92 years the oldest active gymnast of the world, Johanna QUAAS from Halle an der Saale "provocative way" climbs still on the gym apparatus: Starts recently in the senior all-around competition on parallel bars, bench, horizontal bar and floor. And look .... - promptly it happened ...:
<< At the German Senior Cup of Gymnastics 2017 in Einbeck (GER), the 91-years-old Lady crashed, the world's oldest gymnast missed the grip after upper armstand and falles down ... just at her favorite exercise on the bar, which she normally " asleep "mastered ...

22. June 2017
Hollywood / USA

At 91, the German senior Johanna QUAAS is becoming an international star. As the world’s oldest gymnast, she pulls off moves like cartwheels and headstands, and even has the strength to balance herself on only her arms on the parallel bars. Now she appears on NBC’s “Little Big Shots:Forever Young” (July 5, 8 p.m. ET), where she performed on the parallel bars and also on floor exercise and be surprised by Olympic champion and five-time medalist Simone Biles.
>> Here’s a preview of Quaas on the show