20. November 2021  
Halle/Sa., GER  

After all: ... everyone gets older, but it depends on how ...!

"For my birthday I thought I would catch up on the unusual party from the previous year this time! Some of them asked me after receiving my invitation: Hannchen, won't you be 96? But you are inviting you to your 95th birthday on your card this year.. .? No, I didn't make a mistake - I'll just make up for my 95th from the previous year. That also fits in with my general living conditions: I still feel younger than the numbers say, so 'I answered them! Even if the risk of a pandemic is still not averted, I hope that all of my birthday guests are vaccinated or convalescent or controlled, but I have great understanding if some do not come to my little celebration. We older people belong especially to the so-called 'risk group'. But I would like to thank everyone, especially my long-time gymnastics friends, who sent me greetings for my birthday, special thanks to Nadia Comaneci and her husband Bart Conner in USA!