27. May 2021  
Senior sports

Johanna Quaas: Crash after Whitsun Bike Tour ...!

Diagnosis: Femoral neck fracture!
Abrupt change from bicycle to rollator!

"Yes, it can go that fast! I had visited my relatives and friends at our Whitsun in my hometown of Hohenmoelsen in Saxonia-Anhalt, had brought my bike with me and the beautiful weather made me go on a trip to the "Moon Lake" others stay behind me ... so I made a bold curve in the meadow and - then it had already happened: Fall, pain, I couldn't get up on my own, and before I knew it, I had been sent to the hospital. But now, after a few days, I'm actually pretty well again. I can already walk the first short distances that are necessary. So: At the moment nothing with a bike, rollator, that's the name of the thing and I already use it to turn around in the hospital room. Now I will try not to go home in the first place, but to make a fixed rehab appointment in order to get back on my feet as properly as possible!"

... in a show event with Marcel, some years ago!