16. April 2021  
Halle, Sa./GER  

Johanna Quaas: "Germany's most incredible secrets"

Under this lurid TV series title of a 4-part series, the German private broadcaster "KABEL ONE" is dedicated to the "13 most incredible secrets of Germany".
Also there is the 95-year-old Johanna QUAAS from Halle in Saxonia-Anhalt, who is no stranger to the whole world for a decade now. Since 2013 she has been in the GUINNESS book of world records as the "oldest competitive gymnast in the world", her 'tens of millions of Youtube clicks by the former 11-time German senior gymnastics champion are in high double digits and with her "Quaas' bed gymnastics" She has given many people who can no longer make their way to a sports hall decisive movement impulses, especially now during the Corona period.

* Johanna Quaas in: >> "Deutschlands größte Geheimnisse"