20. November 2020  
Halle, Sa./GER  

Johanna Quaas: "My 95th Birthday ...!

"Many thanks to all the well-wishers who think of me ...!

"It is a proud number and a grace to be able to reach such an old age! You enjoy every day when you can cope with everyday life without great restrictions, like me. In my life, daily exercise has always helped me through sport. Since I was 56 years old - that was in 1981, when my children were "out of the house" - I had started active apparatus gymnastics again, doing it in a competitive age-appropriate and permanent manner. I was a regular participant in German gymnastics festivals as early as the GDR era and in the new millennium I won the title of "German Senior Gymnastics Champion" in my age group 11 times in a row ...!"

Ein Kopfstand mit 95? ... kein Problem!