20. November 2022  
Halle, Sa./GER  

My 97th Birthday with a lot of Friends

For the 97th birthday of the world's oldest gymnast, Halle's "Kaffeehaus Wittekind" was quite well attended today! An impressive double-digit number of well-wishers celebrated Germany's best-known gymnastics grandma Johanna QUAAS. "My relatives were there, my wives from the sauna group and a whole lot of gymnasts from my club Post Halle," said the agile lady, "... and the atmosphere was just great!"
Hannchen Quaas still goes to age-appropriate exercise training at least once a week, but her daily bed exercises in the morning followed by her little fitness programme in the fresh air on her balcony are part of her fixed life rituals - just as she was used to all her life, even if the spectacular gymnastic exercises are now history. She has long since recovered from her fracture of the neck of the femur, which occurred on Whit Sunday 2021, and has already been out and about again on her bicycle in suitable weather. Now I would like to greet all participants of the 60th "BLUME-Festival" on Gran Canaria, where I have already taken part several times, and I wish you beautiful days.
For next year, I'm even talking about a trip to the USA, where the opening of a gymnastics museum dedicated to the German gymnastics father Friedrich Ludwig Jahn is imminent. "I am still able to travel, that would be a great thing," says the still fun-loving senior.