01. December 2018  
Maspalomas, ESP  

Visiting the 58th Blume Festival Gran Canaria 2018

Her biceps tendon demolition in early November (2018) prevented participation in public appearances at the 58th BLUME Festival 2018 in Gran Canaria. But Johanna Quaas did not miss the chance to participate in various workshops in order to restore gradual restorative capacity. "I can do some things better than before, and feel that the physiotherapy and careful moving do me good," said the now 93-year-old senior athlete.
Actually, she is currently not thinking of returning to the gymnastic equipment or even competition exercises. But if anyone speaks about the 100th Jahnturnfest in four years (2022), in the Jahn City of Freyburg / Unstr. (Saxonia Anhalt, near Naumburg) speaks, then a lttle  bit shine again her eyes ...: "That would be great, of course, if  I would be fit again until then and could participate in my favorite competition for this 100th anniversary ...", so the still active senior athlete said, ...

Johanna Quaas at the beach of Meloneras, at the Southern tip of the Island Gran Canaria.