26. October 2022  
Osterburg, GER  

WCh Greetings from Quaas to Quaas ...

Often asked whether the German gymnast from Chemnitz Lea Marie QUAAS, who is now in Liverpool as a seventeen-year-old her debut at the World Championships said gymnastics senior Johanna QUAAS (97): "... I am often asked, but no, she is not a granddaughter of mine, or otherwise not related, but of course I wish Lea a good international performance at the World Championships and keep my fingers crossed for her just as firmly as for our Hallens boys, Lukas Dauser and Nils Dunkel, even if they will have a hard time this year in the German team, which is weakened in terms of replacements ...!"
Shortly before her 97th birthday, the world's oldest competitive gymnast has just returned from a visit to the training camp of the Saxony-Anhalt Sports Federation, where she was not only a passive guest of honor at the Osterburg Sports School: When Hannchen gets a whiff of the gymnasium air, she is still unstoppable ...:

Anyone who has spent a lifetime practicing ambitious competitive sports or teaching them as a trainer, later as a university lecturer or exercise instructor, has invaluable advice. Thus, the coaching colleagues at the training camp were also very taken with this visit from this extraordinary sports senior, who also made a big impression on the world star Simone Biles a few years ago during a TV appearance by Johanna Quaas in a CNN Hollywood studio: Just to be able to meet "the German gymnastics grandma" in front of running cameras, she had flown from Fort Worth to L. A. especially.
The Osterburg gymnastic camp participants had this experience now five years later for free and were not less impressed ...!

* "For ever Young!"
... and this is how it looked when she thrilled an audience of millions in the USA five years ago - because even then she was already over 90 years old:

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