13. October 2019  
Stuttgart, GER  

49th MEN's WORLDS 2019 - The FINALS

RUSSIA with Team Gold and now individual double victory

For the first time after a quarter of a century, 3 Europeans were on the winners' podium of a world championship men's all-around final
* Double success for Russia: Nikita NAGORNY wins the bronze medal last year and makes thid year his compatriot in second place, Artur DALALOYAN to the former world champion. Olympic silver medalist Oleg VERNIAIEV wins the very first World Championships medal for Ukraine with bronze, having finished fourth in 2014.
At the las final day Nikita Nagorny won his second gold medal at the vault final and ist the most successful athlet of men's competions.
Bad luck, however, was once again the ex-world vice-champion and world champion of 2017, China's XIAO, Ruoteng, who lost victory chance and medal on the last rotaion on high bar and finished fourth, followed by his compatriot SUN, Wei and the only Japanese in the final, Kazuma KAYA, who won on parallel bars bronze - the only one medal for Japan!..
* At the final days in Stuttgart there were some big surprises at the apparatus ...

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♦♦ 49th MEN's WORLDS 2019
        - Stuttgart / GER;  October 04 - 13
MEN's Apparatus FINAL  (Saturday, October 12)

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* Saturday, 12. October: Final Day 1:
  - FLOOR EXERCISES:  Titelholder: A. Dalaloyan (RUS)

  YULO, Carlos Edriel (PHI) - 6.5)  = 15,300
  DOLGOPYAT, Artem (ISR) - (6.4) = 15,200
  XIAO, Ruoteng        (CHN) - (6.2) = 14,933
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Carlos Edriel Yulo (PHI), who already made history in 2018 with his bronze medal on Floor Exercise, was crowned the Philippines' first world champion in any Gymnastics discipline. His tumbling passes included a full-twisting double layout, piked double front-half, 3 1/2 to barani, and a triple twist dismount, for 15.300. Just 19, Yulo had the top Difficulty (6.5) and Execution (8.800) scores of the final to win gold,
Runner-up Artem Dolgopyat (ISR) matched his silver medal from 2017. He equalled Yulo's Execution mark as he tumbled a Zapata (barani in, full out), 2 1/2 to double-twisting front; double-double; and half-in, half-out for 15.200. Dolgopyat hopes to upgrade to gold in the future.
►► All World champions on floor
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- POMMEL HORSE: - Titelholder: XIAO, Ruoteng (CHN)

  WHITLOCK, Max         (GBR) - 7.0) = 15,500
  LEE Chih Kai               (TPE) - (6.5) = 15,433
  McCLENAGHAN, Rhys  (IRL) - (6.4) = 15,400
        Detailed Results

The runner-up in a tiebreak in 2018, 2016 Olympic champion Max Whitlock (GBR) won a thrilling final on Pommel Horse, adding his third career world title on the event following victories in 2015 and 2017. Just second in the lineup in the finals, Whitlock raised his game from qualification, adding a triple Russian to his routine for a top Difficulty mark of 7.0. After falling on the harder routine in the team final, Whitlock rebounded to tally an unbeatable 15.500 score.
The bronze medallist in 2018, Lee Chih-Kai (TPE) did one better in Stuttgart, moving up to silver to equal the best result in history for Chinese Taipei, whose first world medal was a silver on Vault in 1993. His score was less than 0.1 behind Whitlock.The Irish tricolor was raised for the first time at a world championships in honour of Rhys McClenaghan (IRL), who in Stuttgart became the first Irish gymnast to ever reach a world final. Nailing his routine, he won bronze, just 0.1 out of first.
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- STILL RINGS: Titelholder: Eleftherios PETROUNIAS (GRE)

  COLACK, Ibrahim  (TUR) - (6.2) = 14,933
  LODADIO, Marco  (ITA) - (6.3) = 14,900
  AIT SAID, Samir  (FRA)  - (6.2) = 14,800
8. KLESSING, Nick  (GER) - (6.1= = 14,166
        Detailed Results

Ibrahim Colak (TUR) struck gold on Still Rings, the first world medal ever won by a Turkish gymnast. Colak capped off his routine with a stuck piked double front dismount for 14.933. The close final featured five gymnasts battling for just three Olympic spots.
Marco Lodadio (ITA), the bronze medallist in 2018, moved up to silver in Stuttgart with an excellent routine.
Samir Ait Said (FRA), who triumphantly stuck his dismount as the final performer of the day, clinched an emotional bronze medal.
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* FIG VIDEO SUMMARY, FINAL DAY 1  (Oct. 12) ...:

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♦♦ 49th MEN's WORLDS 2019
        - Stuttgart / GER;  October 04 - 13
MEN's ALL-AROUND FINAL  (Friday, October 11)


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<< Nikita NARGORNY (RUS) - with the last exercise on the horizontal bar, he had it in his hands: the previous year's bronze medalist gymnastics focused, made no mistake and kept his nerve: 5.8) = 14.166 points. That was a total score of 88.772 and meant the gold medal.

The 2018 (Doha) World Champion Artur DALALOYAN benefited from the fall of his Chinese counterpart XIAO, Ruteng, and secured the silver medal.

An amazing achievement was achieved by the Olympic Silver medallist of Rio, the Ukrainian Oleg VERNIAIV. Despite medical problems and injuries, he had worked his way up to the top and won bronze - the first WCh individual all-around medal for his country in history

For the first time after 25 years, 3 Europeans are on the podium of a world championship all-around final - and 3 Asians next to watch!



  Nikita NAGORNYY   (RUS) - 88,772
  Artur DALALOYAN  (RUS) - 87,165
  Oleg VERNIAIEV     (UKR) - 86,973
      4. XIAO, Ruoteng        (CHN) - 86,690
      5. SUN, Wei               (CHN) - 86,523
      6. Kazuma KAYA         (JPN) - 85,899
      7. Samuel MIKULAK    (USA) - 85,691
      8. Joe FRASER           (GBR) - 85,098
      9. Petro PAKHNIUK     (UKR) - 84,931
     10. Carlos Edriel YULO   (PHI) - 84,048
            Detailed results
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