03. October 2019  


The 49th Men's 2019 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships and the 40th Women's World Artistic Gymnastics Championships will take place from October 04 to 13 in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle of the Swabian metropolis Stuttgart - after 1989 and 2007 already for the third time in the history of modern gymnastics ...:

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* P r e v i e w :
49th M E N's WORLDS 2019

Clear priority here is the question of qualifying the teams for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.
In addition to the already qualified first three nations of the last Worlds 2018 in Doha - CHINA, RUSSIA and JAPAN, there will be another 9 of the 12 nations places for Tokyo in Stuttgart.
Predicting current performance is difficult, with complex team data missing throughout the year; Country comparisons of individual nations are not very helpful. Therefore, the day shape and the presented stability of the individual performances will be the decisive factor, which will additionally provide high voltage.

Host Germany has to cope with the loss of German runner-up Marcel Nguyen, for whom Philipp Herder from Berlin has joined the team.
Most recently, Team Germany had the team final of the 8 best teams in Nanning in 2014 (8th), in 2015 (Glasgow) it was 9th, in the previous year 10th - that could be pretty close this year ...?!
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* MEN's All-around

After the Japanese exception, the 6-time all-around world champion in a row, Kohei UCHIMURA, has now no longer qualified for the Japanese team, the two Worlds duelists of 2018 are certainly back on top of the favorites list: Russia's defending champion Artur DALALOYAN and China's tied (!) Silver medalist XIAO, Ruoteng, as well as third-placed Nikita NAGORNY (RUS), will also need to be considered for the recent medal fight. They must certainly deal with the young guard of the Olympic host Japan, the Tanigawa brothers  for example, but Japan's "King of twist", Kenzo Shirai (7th place in Doha) missed the team this time.


For the medal and title award actually prohibit serious predictions at th event finals. Of course, the all-rounders of the competition want to get involved in the events as well as to prove themselves again at still rings, vault and parallel bars designated specialists who will also be in the Olympics qualification if they do not belong to any of the 12 nations with complete teams. In addition one learns more in the course of the qualifying over the first two days more ...!
Without wanting to confuse: German medals do not seem to be in sight in the men's field at these World Championships. One or the other final qualification - may be at the parallel bar - would there be a super success ...!
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