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High bar / Reck 

Nat SV pts. maras_HB_winner.jpg (15528 Byte)
Vlasios Maras
Vlasios Maras GRE 10 9,737
Rizzo, Philippe AUS 10 9,725
Alexander Beresch UKR 10 9,725
4 Igor Cassina ITA 10 9,550
5 Andrej Lipski UKR 10 9,525
Christoph Schaerer SUI 9,6 8,812
7 Jari Mönkkönen FIN 9,5 8,737
8 Ivan Ivankov BLR 8,7 7,300


Andrei Lipski (UKR): The young Ukrainian is solid but not brilliant. His highlights are two Kovacs, one with a full twist. 9,525 (10 SV).

Alexander Beresh (UKR): Beresh is a precise as can be. His Kovacs, one of them with a full twist, are spot on as are his stalders. A perfect double double dismount is the exclamation mark of a great routine. A deserved 9,725 (10 SV).

Ivan Ivankov (BLR): Fails to catch his first Kovacs. His second attempt has the same result. 7,300 (8,70 SV). Ivankov, who dominated prelims and the team finals, is sent off the Ghent stage with warm applause.

Igor Cassina (ITA): The Italian puts on a perfect air show with two full-twisting Kovacs (one layout, one tucked). He also adds another Kovacs and a Woronin hop. Goes into second place with a 9,55 (10 SV).

Philippe Rizzo (AUS): Lacking in spectacular elements, except a Winkler, the Aussie who replaces Korean Kim in this final undeservedly scores 9,725 (10 SV).

Vlassas Maras (GRE): Fantastic body line throughout his routine, he has a perfect Pegan and takes the lead with a 9,737 (10 SV).

Jari Monkönen (FIN): The favourite messes up quite badly when he loses hold of the bar on an ellgrip giant and can only hold on with one hand. 8,737 (9,5 SV).

Christoph Schärer (SUI): Can kiss his medal hopes good bye when he crashes his Winkler. He doesn’t seem to fell like trying it again. 8,812 (9,80 SV)

  (Report: Reinhard Linder; Translations: Nora Schuler;
Photos: Don Johnson;
Web editors: Eckhard Herholz/Sonja Schmeisser