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Parallel bars / Barren

Nat SV pts. PB_winners.jpg (20187 Byte)
Lopez, Townsend, Ivankov
Sean Townsend USA 10 9,700
Eric Lopez CUB 10 9,675
Ivan Ivankov BLR 10 9,632
4 Feng, Jing CHN 10 9,537
5 Alexej Sinkevich BLR 10 9,525
6 Zhang, Shangwu CHN 10 9,512
7 Vasilios Tsolakidis GRE 9,9 9,500
8 Marius Urzica ROM 9,9 9,375


Zhang Shangwu (CHN): The young Chinese’s routine is a dream with three double saltos between the rails. He slips on his double pike dismount and has most likely put an end to his medal hopes. 9,512 (10 SV).

Ivan Ivankov (BLR): The world champion is not without problems in his difficult routine (10 SV). He hits his leg on the rail but still scores 9,637.

Alexei Sinkevich (BLR): Ivankov’s team mate has small problems too. He can be happy with his score of 9,525 (10 SV).

Feng Jing (CHN): The AA world champion must have done too much celebrating. Hie strength gives out at the end of his difficult routine. He slips on his dismount. Result: 9,537 (10 SV).

Eric Lopez (CUB): A very powerful routine with a few highlights like a double salto out of a giant. He takes a derserved lead with a 9,675 (10 SV)

Marius Urzica (ROM): The pommel horse champion doesn’t find his rhythm until the end of his routine. Has problems on his double salto out of a giant. His Healy followed by the Urzica (full-twisting layout) is very nice though. The judges take a long time to agree on 9,375 (9,9 SV).

Vasilios Tsolakidis (GRE): The Greeks packs a lot of elements into a very short routine, including a lovely front salto with closed legs. Result: 9,5 (9,9 SV).

Sean Townsend (USA): The American’s routine is very clean and unconventional. It includes a Diamidov, free hip, two double saltos, toss and a double salto dismount. He wins the gold medal with a 9,70 (10 SV).

  (Report: Reinhard Linder; Translations: Nora Schuler;
Photos: Don Johnson;
Web editors: Eckhard Herholz/Sonja Schmeisser