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Beam / Schwebebalken

Nat SV pts. BB_winners.jpg (24420 Byte)
Eshova,  Raducan, Sun
1 Andreea Raducan ROM 10,0 9,662
2 Ludmilla Eshova RUS 10,0 9,650
3 Sun, Xiiaojiao CHN 10,0 9,575
4 Sabina Cojocar ROM 9,90 9,475
5 Tasha Schwikert USA 9,90 9,350
6 Elena Gomez ESP 9,60 9,025
7 Esther Moya ESP 9,60 8,975
8 Rachel Tidd USA 9,50 8,375


Ludmilla Eshova (RUS): Starts very confidentally with her combination of Onodi-front walkover-side somi. A small balance check in the middle. The judges take a long time to come up with her 9,65 (10 SV).

Sabina Cojocar (ROM): Nice full-twisting back. Small wobble on a front walkover. Triple twist dismount. 9,475 (9,90 SV).

Esther Moya (ESP): Silivas mount. RO- layout to two feet. Small hesitations here and there and a start value of 9,60 keep her at 8,975.

Elena Gomez (ESP): RO-layout mount; front tuck-ff-layout. A little too hesitant overall. 9,025 (9,6 SV).

Tasha Schwikert (USA): Solid but not brilliant. Back to to Korbut. Nails her dismount of double tuck. 9,35 (9,90 SV).

Andreea Raducan (ROM): Takes a step on her double pike dismount but is surefooted elsewhere – lovely ff- full-twisting back tuck. 9,662 (10 SV).

Sun Xiaojiao (CHN): Very nice composition of her routine – front walkover-Rulfova. Takes a step on her dismount and has a wobble on her Yang Bo leap. 9,575 (10 SV).

Rachel Tidd (USA): Falls on her ff-Arabian. The only major break of this final. 8,375 (9,50).

  Report:   Nora Schuler, Translation: Reinhard Linder;
Photos: Don Johnson;
Web editors: Eckhard Herholz/Sonja Schmeisser