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Nat SV pts. raducan_FX_ROM_EF.jpg (19112 Byte)
Andreea Raducan
Andreea Raducan ROM 9,9 9550
Daniele Hypolito BRA 9,90 9,487
Svetlana Khorkina RUS 9,8 9,375
4 Allana Slater AUS 9,90 9,337
5 Daiane Santos BRA 9,8 9,325
6 Tabitha Yim USA 9,7 9,187
7 Silvia Stroescu ROM 9,6 9,012
8 Tasha Schwikert USA 9,6 8,900


>> Tabitha Yim (USA):
Has only twists in her tumbling: whip – 2 punch front to begin with. Triple twist. Nice dance to Spanish music. 9,187 (9,70 SV)

>> Daiane Santos (BRA): Starts with a double layout, followed by an Arabian double front as her second tumble. Small steps on two of her tumbling runs. 9,325 (9,80 SV).

  >> Andreea Raducan (ROM): Lands all of her tumbles (full-in; triple twist; 2 twist punch layout; double pike) well but falls out of a triple turn. Huge cheers from the crowd and a 9,550 (9,90 SV) from the judges .

>> Silvia Stroescu (ROM): Two steps back on her double pike dismount. Opens with a double layout (open legs). Her new choreography is very popular with the audience. 9,012 (9,60 SV).

>> Svetlana Khorkina (RUS): A bit short on her triple twist. Some unsteady landings on her twisting jumps. 9,375 (9,80 SV).

>> Tasha Schwikert (USA): Is going well until her final tumble when she slips on her double pike. 8,900 (9,60 SV).

>>Allana Slater (AUS): Problems on her second tumbling run 2 -punch fron layout. Triple twist opener not fully rotated. Original music. 9,337 (9,90 SV).

>> Daniele Hypolito (BRA): Starts with a double layout, small problems on her Arabian double front but proves her worth and the rise of Brazilian gymnastics with a 9,487 (9,90 SV). Hypolito goes on an impromptu victory lap with a Brazilian flag after her score is flashed.

  Report:   Nora Schuler, Translation: Reinhard Linder;
Photos: Don Johnson;
Web editors: Eckhard Herholz/Sonja Schmeisser