The biggest GYM Center of Benelux States
  is opened:

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The new Belgian Gymnastics Top Sport Center in Ghent, East Vlaanderen


It might have been at the back of the gym, but nonetheless the center of attention: the vaulting area with Janssen&Fritsen's new creation, the vaulting table "PEGASES", which will make its world debut in October.

It is already being used at official national and international competitions all over the world. Especially young elites are benefiting from the advantages of this apparatus innovation.

Two of the four Pegases set ups
There are two more in the other direction which offer the possibility to land on different types and heights of mats.


 There is a training tumbling track next to a used for competitions (l.)  
There is enough room and height (6,50 m) on the competition floor for sports acrobats (r.))


The J&F Floor Exercise mat 12x12 (14x14) is in the center of the gym.

Boys giving a demonstration of various support positions during an exhibition on toadstools. Janssen & Fritsen offer a huge variety of training aides. There will a symposium dealing with various issues relating to training methods during the world championships which is open to interested experts from all over the world.


Ready to go...!

Longe vor dem Abgang ....

... Longensystem in action!
J&F offer a large variety of longe systems which fit any gym and are always adjusted to meet the exact needs of the apparatus in question. This aides the development of modern technique when learning release moves and dismounts.

Clever idea, great success in training!

The J&F junior pommel horse is a unique apparatus. Since junior gymnasts' shoulders are narrow, J&F developed a 90% ( infront) version of the comeptiton apparatus (in the background). This makes training a lot easier, creates optimum levers and increases the effect of learning in the lower age groups.


This high bar pit created by J&F is of a unique quality:

 Lowering the high bar into a pit covered in foam rubber gives coahces excellent possibilites to spot and correct their pupils even during the most complex releases. Young gymnasts can concentrate on technique and execution without worrying about the height, often an additional psychological pressure for junior gymnasts.

This new Belgian gymnastics center will become the official warm-up and training gym for the world championships.

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Translation: Nora Schuler )

 Janssen-Fritsen - the Innovation Company

J&F have set up a special website for the world championships featuring medal contenders, the latest news and an overview of the history of the world championships.

Information on the coaches' symposium coming soon.


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