dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte) 15-Apr-2003:   Janssen&Fritsen was elected as the
                        "OFFICIAL SUPPLIER of the OLYMPIC GAMES ATHENS 2004"
dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte) 28-Oct-2001:  On Sunday, October, the 28th the new Vaulting Table "Pegases" saw the World Premiere at the  
                         35th World Championships of Artistic Gymnastics
in Ghent/Belgium!

dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte)  26-Jan-2001: The office of the International Gymnastics Federation FIG has decided to introduce the 
                        new vault "Pegases".
dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte)  12-Apr-2001: The first batch of the new vaulting table "PEGASES" is being delivered right now.

dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte)   In 1997, during the World Championships in Lausanne, janssen&fritsen presented the first Prototype to the international gymnastics community.

dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte)  The second model was revealed in Vilamoura, Portugal in 1998.

dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte)  In 1999, on request of the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique, five renowned international training centres participated in an extensive test programme for

a new vault apparatus:

"PEGASUS" - from janssen-fritsen


Developed from janssen-fritsen

"Suitable for men and women" 

Nemov, jumping....
In action: Nemov,
he decided on a casual exercise


dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte)  Extensive test program in the international training centres of:

 dot_green.jpg (4927 Byte) Milan, Italy
dot_green.jpg (4927 Byte) Cincinnati, USA
dot_green.jpg (4927 Byte) Colorado Springs, USA
dot_green.jpg (4927 Byte) Moscow, Russia
dot_green.jpg (4927 Byte) Lilleshall, Great Britain

dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte) 2001: World Premiere of PEGASES at the
World Championships in Ghent

dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte) 15-Apr-2003: J&F - was elected as the
"Official Supplier of the Olympic Games, Athens 2004"
and the PEGASES also as an 
Olympic apparatus!

dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte) August 2004:
Official Supplier Olympic Games

dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte) September 2005:
Offical Supplier World Championships Trampoline, Eindhoven



       Khorkina, flying...!
           In action:

Svetlana Khorkina


Pegasus - you can order by janssen-fritsen!

"A wide and safe push-off area"


dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte) The Olympic Champions already had an opportunity to test the new vault, for instance 
   to the "Antwerp Olympic Gala 2000".

dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte) More special information dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte)dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte)dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte)  Janssen&Fritsen WM-Service

dreieck_green.jpg (5025 Byte) 

The demands of the FIG were:

 dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte) A wide and safe push-off area
dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte)  Suitable for men and women,
dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte) Equal dynamics over the entire surface
dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte)  Safe in collission situations
dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte)  The J&F apparatus has past the test with flying colours.

"janssen-fritsen" - your Partner from the Netherlands! 

This is the vault celebrated the world premiere at the 
World Champoinships of Artistic Gymnastics in Ghent 2001!

...from Helmond/Netherlands

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German version

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dreieck_green.jpg (5025 Byte)   E-Mail:  export@janssen-fritsen.nl

European Online Service of Gymnastics visited in 2001 the  "janssen&fritsen" workshops"   in Helmond/Netherlands.


dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte)dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte)dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte)  Janssen&Fritsen WM-Service

dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte)  Online Partner of the
European Championships  of Trampoline 2000
dreieck_orange.jpg (5077 Byte) ECh Artistic Gymnastics, Women 2002

European Trade Service of Gymnastics

...from GYMmedia Berlin