20. December 2004  
Novi Sad / Serbia and Montenegro  
Sport Aerobics

Aerobic Gymnastics Competition Vojvodina 2004

The city of Novi Sad in Vojvodina – northern province of Serbia and Montenegro - was the host of a competition in Aerobic Gymnastics on December 18, 2004, organized by Aerobics Association of Vojvodina. The competitors were divided according to the FIG AGC regulations, coming from four clubs.
'It was not a big event but very important one for the development of this beautiful gymnastic discipline in our country, where there is only enthusiasm and passion that helps overcoming problems of a society in transition', Radomir Radulovic, TC member of the Aerobics Associations of Vojvodina, said.

1. Vajda, Szabados, Bercsek (Mini Studio) 13.25
2. Janovic, Brankov, Lukic (ABA) 11.55
3. Brankov, Skocibusic, Bogdanovic (ABA) 10.95

AG 12 – 14
1. Sanja Ujcic (Gaudium NS+) 15.65
2. Natalija Lazarevic (Gaudium NS+) 14.40
3. Bercsek Kiti (Mini Studio) 12.90

1. Galecic, Injac, Delic (SDV) 13.85
2. Bercsek, Nemes, Fodor (Mini Studio) 13.05

Radomir Radulovic speaks about the situation in Vojvodina: ' It goes what should be done to even start with a sports discipline, not to mention developing process toward the level of performance qualitative enough for competing at the international competitions. We have now a generation of young competitors carefully cared for, though small in number comparing with the countries that are ahead of us in many areas, from the sports regulations to the broader field of economic regulations in general.

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