20. May 2023
Riesa, GER
Sports Acrobatics

The Riesa WCh Hall at the Sports Center experienced today the second day of competition of the 17th International Saxon Cup of Acrobatic Gymnastics 2023.
In four categories - from the age group 9-16 years, through the two junior categories (10-18 and 11-19) to the elite level (13 and older) - the athletes thrilled the 400 spectators in the well-attended arena on the first day of competition. International guests of the Saxon Cup 2023 come...

8. April 2023
Puurs, BEL
Sports Acrobatics

For years, the "Flanders International ACRO Cup has had a good reputation in the sports acrobatics scene and this year again has the status of a FIG WORLD CUPS. The host is the sports acrobatics club of the municipality of Puurs in the province of Antwerp, which has been merged into the new municipality of Puurs-Sint-Amands since a territorial reform four years ago. The host is the association "A P G Puurs", which is exclusively dedicated to...

30. March 2023
Schwarzenberg, GER
Sports Acrobatics

After an 11-year interruption, the tradition of the once so popular ERZGEBIRGSCUP is now to be continued again in Schwarzenberg!
The 56-year-old traditional club SAV Grünhain-Schwarzenberg invites national and international guests to the 13th INTERNATIONAL ERZGEBIRGSCUP 2023 for December 9, 2023. With the special charm and ambience of this charming German mountain area (near Dresden), the gymnastics discipline of sports acrobatics has been cultivated here in an imaginative way for decades, thus emphasizing the...

25. March 2023
Ottendorf-Okrilla, GER
Sports Acrobatics


After 6 years of competition break it lives again, the rraditional International Tournament of Acrobatik Gymnastics in Ottendorf-Okrilla, which began already at the end of the 60's of the last century and at the latest from 1988 correctly consistency and speed took up and step by step also internationally a good reputation in the acrobatics scene had acquired, and now again on 25 March 2023 with its 26th edition a continuation...

12. March 2023
Maia, POR
Sports Acrobatics

Familiar names in some unfamiliar pairings jumped out among registrations for the Acrobatic Gymnastics World Cup 2023  10-12 March in Maia (POR), the first of three events in the 2023 FIG World Cup series in Acrobatic Gymnastics.
(SORRY, but we have just now no contact to the hosts and are seeking for the results summaries yet ...?!)
The Maia World Cup is the first of three World...