10. October 2004  
Wörgl / Austria  
Sport Aerobics

Daubner and Koeteles won the 3rd Austrian Aerobic Open

In the SHS-hall in Wörgl (Austria) sold out with one thousand spectator became also today in the final competition of the '3rd Austrian Aerobic Open' high-carat sport presents. In the Individual Women the favorite Janka Daubner won clearly and at the Individual Men surprisingly Laszlo Koeteles (both Germany).
Especially well from Austrian point of view: the ÖFT national team performed the connection in this young 'Power trend sport' at the international level in record suspicious short time.

3rd place:
Christina Philippi (AUT)

Is to be emphasized the victory of Lubi Gazov in the U17-Individual. She won with the dayly maximum value of 17,933 points. Gazov counts as the large future hope in the Aerobic: 'I wants to win a World Championship-medal in few years and would give all for that. It means naturally daily intensive training - however the expense will be worthwhile. My current victory and above my high note of almost 18 points a further important step are on the way to the goal'.
Gazov had today with the two Rumanian G. Iactov and A. Bucur as well as the russian J. Amosova three contractors clearly on the places showed, lay that in the last World Cup yet before it.