24. November 2004  
Aarau / Switzerland  
Sport Aerobics

Preview: 2nd Swiss Aerobics Championships in Aarau

Next weekend from 27th to 28th November take place in the Schachen hall in Aarau (Switzerland) the 2nd Swiss Aerobics Championships. Nearly 1000 participants from 73 clubs - the interest for these competition is increasing - announced. Clubs with exact ore more then eight gymnasts fight two days in categories youth, actives and seniors, in pairs and in teams with three to six athletes.

Gold medal winner in 2003:
the team fom STV Eien-Kleindöttingen

2nd Swiss Aerobics Championships
Aarau/Switzerland, 27th/28th November 2004


Saturday, 27th November
15.30 p.m.: 3- to 6-teams
16.00 p.m.: Pairs
18.00 p.m.: Team-Aerobics Youth
19.00 p.m.: Team-Aerobics Seniors
20.00 p.m.: GymSoiree
21.00 p.m.: Concert with AZton

Sunday, 28th November
08.00 a.m.: Team-Aerobics Actives part I
09.15 a.m.: -- part II
10.15 a.m.: -- part III
11.15 a.m. -- part IV
12.30 p.m.: Aerobic Dance with Giacomo Macri
14.00 p.m.: Finals

>> Tickets: SFr 12,- (for both days)
(soiree SFr 12,-; concert SFr 10,-)

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