04. June 2004  
Sofia / Bulgaria  
Sport Aerobics

Surprising World Champion Title for Angela McMillan and Brasilian Trio

At the second day of the 8th World Championships in Sports Aerobics in Sofia were the title fights in 'Individual Women' and 'Trios':
Angela McMillan from New Zealand won the gold medail in Womens category. For the first time she took part at a World Championship. Second place was won by Giovanna Lecis (Italy) and at third place Tania Mihaela Pohoata (Romania).
Also in categorie trio won an outsider: Three Brasilian Women Marina and Marcela Lopez and Cibelle Rosito Oliani followed by both Romanian Trios...

The sisters Marina and Marcela Lopez with Cibelle Rosito Oliani
are the gold medailist in Trios

Three lucky Brasilians

Janka Daubner from Germany achieved in Womens cataegory only place 23 of 48 participants. German Trio with Katja Graf, Kirsten Schmidt and Astrid Schumann made it only to place 25 of 35 Trios.

'Janka and the trio showed a good performance. Better than in France', says Bianka Hüller, German team manager. 'We have seen that it is only possible to get a ranking under 20 by showing the highest difficulties. You have only an international chance if you have a training of more then 30 ours a week...'