19. May 2007  
Salzburg / Austria  
Wheel Gymnastics

Finals conclude 7th Wheel Gymnastics World Championships - GYMfamily Event -

The 7th World Championships in Wheel Gymnastics in Salzburg (Austria) were concluded today by the exciting finals of the juniors and seniors:

Robert Maaser (GER) dominated the finals of the junior individual competitions as he had the all-round event and became World Champion in all three disciplines in Salzburg. In the vault finals Cornell Freenes (USA) came second,  Patrick Scholtka (GER) placed third. In the straight-line discipline Patrick Scholtka (GER) won the silver medal, beating Ido Leviatov (ISR) who placed third.Markus Büttner (GER) was rewarded with a silver medal for his performance in the spiral finals. Boy Looijen (NL) came third.

Ido Leviatov (Israel)

Pure suspense in the finals of the seniors

The finals of the seniors were particularly exciting. The Norwegian gymnast Heidi Hagen won the world championship, beating Kathrin Schad (GER, 2nd place) and Kirstin Heerdink (NL, 3rd place). Two gold medals were awarded in the finals of the straight-line and spiral events. Swiss Cecile Meschberger and Annette Pusch (GER) both won a gold medal in the straight-line event. In the spiral event the two German gymnasts Janin Oer and Nadine Münster tiedin first place.


7th Wheel Gymnastics World Championships
- 16th to 19th Maiy2007, Salzburg (Austria)


Final Spirale Men Senior

1. Constantin Malchin (GER) - 9,35 Punkte
2. Achus Emeis (GER) - 9,30 Punkte
3. Jeroen de Bruin (NL) - 8,75 Punkte
Finale Spirale Men Senior
Finale Spirale Men Junior

Final Spirale Women Senior

1.  Janin Oer (GER) - 9,30 Punkte
2. Nadine Münster (GER) - 9,30 Punkte
3. Takako Hiwa (JAP) - 8,85 Punkte
Final Spirale Women Senior
Finale Spirale Women Junior
Final Vault Men Senior

1. Motonobu Tamura (JPN) - 8,95 Punkte
2. Nobuhivo Koyama (JPN) - 8,25 Punkte
3. Achus Emeis (GER) - 8,10 Punkte
Final Vault Men Senior
Final Vault Men Junior

Final Vault Women Senior

1. Heidi Hagen (NOR) - 8,75 Punkte
2. Kathrin Schad (GER) - 8,40 Punkte
3. Kirstin Heerdink (NL) - 8,40 Punkte
Finale Vault Women Senior
Finale Vault Women Junior

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