25. June 2019  
Minsk, BLR  
Sport Aerobics

2019 EUROPEAN GAMES - Aerobic Gymnastics

The Trampoline and Aerobic gymnastics competition kicked off today in the Minsk Arena.
In Aerobic Gymnastics, eight mixed pairs battled for the medals.

* In Aerobics, European Champions Fanni Mazacs and Daniel Bali (HUN) finished off the podium, with a few mistakes costing them dearly. Tatyana Konakova and Grigori Skihkhaleev took the lead early on. They were surpassed by Romanians Dacian Barna and Andreea Bogati who led until the last pair took to the floor. World Champions Michela Castoldi and Davide Donati (ITA) showed off a dramatic interpretation of Celine Dion’s ‘My heart will go on’. With tears in their eyes they waited for the score to flash. And it was enough -just!- to claim the gold!

* Mixed pairs final

1. Michela Castoldi & Davide Donati          (ITA) 21.850
2. Dacian Barna & Andreea Bogati               (ROU) 21.800
3. Tatyana Konakova & Grigori Skihkhaleev   (RUS) 21.300
  Detailed results