12. February 2020  
Baku, AZE  
Sport Aerobics

Vladimir Oskner & Oana Constantin: WCh Ambassadors 2020

Between 1997 and 2003, Russia's Vladislav OKSNER, with his unfortunately already deceased wife Tatjana SOLOWJEWA, was the world's dominant mix pair in the aerobics discipline: They won everything there was to win at the time: 4x WCh gold and two World Games victories: The FIG has now rightly appointed these exceptional athlete in aerobic history to one of the ambassadors for the forthcoming 16th WCh AEROBIC  in Baku in mid-May.
At his side the female part plays Oana CONSTANTIN from Romania, one of the outstanding all-rounders of the last decade: The four-time world champion and three-time vice world champion as well as four-times World Games medalist, who shone in all categories between 2012, ended her career again in 2016 with the individual WCh Gold ...
The FIG carries out the selection of the Ambassadors alongside the organising committee of the host country. The FIG’s Ambassadors’ Commission takes into consideration the wishes of the local organising committee together with several criteria such as a gymnast’s medals and the mark they made on the history of the sport, as well as their renown in the host country. The final choice is then submitted to the FIG Executive Committee for final approval.
* source: f i g