26. June 2016  
Cincinnati, USA  
Wheel Gymnastics


On Monday, 2016, June 20, the 12th World Championships of Wheel Gymnastics and the 3rd World Championships in Cyr Wheel are opened in Cincinnati, USA. Starting Tuesday (21 06.) with elite's all-around competitions until Saturday, June 25, 2016 World Cup competitions took place daily.
After Chicago 2013 the 10th Wheel Worlds, now for the second time the world championships of wheel gymnastics are held in the USA.
After a total of 21 decisions of the elite and the juniors proved - not unexpected - team Germany was again the most successful nation.
 16 gold 13 silver and 7 Bonzemedailllen the yield of the German team. These were a total of more than half of the total of 63 possible medals.
In all 21 decisions at least one (e) stand competitor (in) from the German national team on the podium. In women's all-around final and in the all-around and in straight final of the juniors the podium was even completely in German hands ...!

* 2016 WCh R E S U L T S

Men's, quali. all-around;

* ... best of AA qualification: Marcel SCHAWO (GER):

  ► Women's, quali. all-around

... best of Women's AA qualification: Lilia LESSEL (GER):
All German athletes dominated all wheel disciplines on top rankings, followed by some athletes from Japan and Switzerland, only ...!
But best athlet in Cyr wheel qualification is the Canadian Justin Buss on women's side leads Germany's Kassandra Geyer ...!
Teams, qualification
Cyr Wheel Qualification

* Saturday / Sunday, June 25/26
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