27. April 2014  
Berlin, Germany  
Wheel Gymnastics

7th Team World Cup of Wheel Gymnastics 2014

Every two years between the World Championships, the International Wheel Gymnastics Fedration (IRV) invites the top four nations of the world to a match over 6 rounds, in which the teams once each can put a joker.
This year the 7th TEAM WORLD CUP of WHEEL GYMNASTICS took place in the German capital Berlin, in the wellknown venue "Tempodrom".
So far, the top nation Germany was always the winner of this Cup in history, since 2002. But now, for the very first time the team of JAPAN won this trophy! In a thrilling contest in Berlin's Tempodrom the Asians referenced the chasing trio Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland tied for rank two, only...

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