15. November 2010  
Gran Canaria, Spain  
Happy Gymnastics

50th BLUME GRAN CANARIA FESTIVAL 2010:Big anniversary honouring a great athlete

The tragically destiny of the Spanish-German Joaquin BLUME who died at the end of the fifties in a flight accident in the Andalusian mountains on his way to the first festival of gymnastics in Gran Canaria on April 29th of the year 1959 is known world-wide. The hero of the second European Championships in Paris in 1957 where he won four titles beside Jack Günthard (SUI) and Juri Titow (URSS). The festival with the special aim in being the “Festival con corazón” – the Festival with heart “BLUME GRAN CANARIA” was named after the Spanish national hero after the tragically accident. In these days, the festival celebrates its 50th anniversary and has become the paragon of the outstanding social values of all gymnastics disciplines all over the world. *GYMmedia International reports from this event of popular gymnastics sport for all age groups for more than a decade and will be also present during the next days from the Canary Island.

50th BLUME Festival Gran Canaria 2010
S C H E D U L E / P R O G R A M M E
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More than 30 event and shows, but also sports competitions and workshops will be held again in the international tourism centres in the South of Gran Canaria, in Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés, but also in the insular cities of Tafira, Telde, Arucas, Ingenio…

In a world-wide unique form the leading Gimnasio Las Palmas, together with its organization team that has grown together in fifty years of work but whose founder Jesús Telo unfortunately died last year, his wife and his son Jesus Telo junior, manage in a singular way to combine events and school lessons.


Pyramid acrobatics at the Canary Islands

… and celebrate together with hundreds of foreign guests from all over the world an event far from scores, but a feast of movement and joyful being together.

It’s highly attractive when the performances start at the city centre of Maspalomas and hundreds of tourists watch the shows in front of the ecumenical church or the stage at the Jumbo-Centre.

Competitions are on the schedule, too
There is e.g. the popular tradition of a Bridge-competition at the margin of the Blume-Festival…

Minitramp - Team Gym discipline